Why Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy Is Cooler Than Magento vs. NetSuite

This article was written by 121 CEO Ben Chafetz 


I get to my office at about 8 every morning and I don’t leave until about 8 at night, it’s a long day. But I love what I do, eCommerce has been the focal point of my professional career and I take great pride in all the accomplishments I have achieved over the last 17 years. The fact that I now have my own web development company and am overseeing 30 developers is a blessing I never take for granted. Here’s the thing, most of my day I am either involved with development projects or  speaking to online store owners about the different platforms for their site, usually it’s Magento vs. Netsuite. While I love what I do, there is a fight I would much rather be talking about, Chris Brown Vs. Soulja Boy. Seems strange? Here are five reasons it’s a way cooler fight:

  1. Social Media feuds just aren’t the same in tech

This whole feud started on social media and that made me realize something, the student sometimes surpasses the master. I follow some of the biggest names in technology, some of them are the creators of the platform they are using, but none of them seemed to have figured the whole social media thing out. People love dissing, it’s one of the most popular things in the entertainment industry (Soulja Boy’s initial tweet got over 60,000 likes) and it has reached politics too. I’m rooting for some social media feuds in the Tech world. Here’s what I have in mind:

From Mark Zuckerberg

@JackDorsey My great grandma was able to send more than 140 characters on her telegrams


From Jack Dorsey

@MarkZuckerberg I bet her newspaper was more accurate than facebook news


From Mark Zuckerberg

@JackDorsey Heard your next idea is picture sharing . . . never mind I already own Instagram


From Jack Dorsey

@MarkZuckerberg At least I think of my own ideas….

This could go on and on, but my point is, why can’t we have these feuds in the tech world? We created these platforms, and feuds are what made them popular. It’s simple math, OK maybe I’m getting a bit carried away.


2. They are having a boxing match (maybe)

Chris Brown offered to settle the score . . in a boxing ring, and that is just the coolest thing ever. I am a huge fan of Magento CEO Mark Lavelle, he’s someone I really look up to in the business. But if he said “OK NetSuite, let’s put on the gloves and figure this out, bring Larry Edelson if you need to” he would go from being someone I look up to being competition with my wife for the position of my favorite person in this world. Why can’t we have Tech rivals face off in the ring? It would make my job easier too. Instead of explaining to people that Magento has a ton of options for third party extensions and Netsuite has almost none, I would just say “Did you see the fight, Mark had Zach Nelson out with one knockout”


3. They are getting trained

All my developers are constantly updating their training, it’s pretty cool that everyone of them is Magento 2 certified. But you know what’s even cooler? The fact that Mike Tyson is training Chris Brown and Floyd Mayweather is training Soulja Boy! Look, I am fascinated with every new bit of technology that comes out, especially as it relates to eCommerce and am always stressing the need to update your training, but it’s just not as cool. Nowhere near.


4. Mike Tyson Released a diss track

If you haven’t heard Mike Tyson’s diss track yet, you’re missing out. It’s everything I could’ve ever hoped it to be! He let’s Soulja Boy know that if he show’s up he’s going down. If there were diss tracks being put out in the tech world, we would see a giant increase in MIT applications. Here are some of the diss tracks I’m hoping to hear:

  1. “Why So Soft” Apple’s Microsoft diss
  2. “Oracle blew a 3-1 lead” Too soon?
  3. “People Google “what is Yahoo?”
  4. “Still Can’t Hear you Now” AT&T’s Verizon diss

5. There is no clear winner

Here is what I don’t know; Who would win a fight between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy.

Here is what I do know; Magento is better than NetSuite at everything.

I like the anticipation, thinking about what might happen if and when the two of them get into a ring. With Magento vs. Netsuite there is no mystery. Magento has developed the most powerful ecommerce platform while netSuite is stuck in the past. And still, Magento is the more affordable option in the long run. It’s not as exciting to explain the case when there is such a clear winner. There is something about the back and forth of the unknown, Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy, that is really exciting. Magento vs. NetSuite is just missing that.