What development services does 121eCommerce offer?

B2B eCommerce

We understand the unique needs of B2B businesses. We specialize in developing custom eCommerce solutions that streamline B2B transactions, manage complex orders, and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.

Custom Developed Features

We develop custom features that address your unique business needs, allowing you to differentiate yourself from the competition and offer a superior customer experience.

eCommerce Platform Migrations

Is your current platform hindering your growth? We offer expert-led migrations to help you transition to a new platform that better aligns with your business needs. This allows you to benefit from improved functionality, scalability, and enhanced security while ensuring minimal downtime and a smooth experience for your customers.

eCommerce Project Rescues

Is your website plagued by technical issues, and not getting launched? 121eCommerce can help! Our team of highly skilled and certified experts can diagnose the core issues, fix bugs, and optimize your site’s performance. We understand the urgency of resolving website issues, and work efficiently and transparently to get your website back on track, and launched.

What makes 121eCommerce Different?

Frequent Communication:

Unfortunately, we have heard the countless stories of developers that are unresponsive. We communicate with you frequently about your project so you’re never in the dark.

Budget Focused:

Overspending and under-delivering sucks. We know a new website is an investment, and want to be cognizant of making sure you save money where you can.

Efficiency & Quality:

We strive to deliver your projects on time and to the best quality possible. No one likes a website littered with bugs.

Commitment to You:

We’re passionate about our clients, and celebrating your successes that help your business grow. Everyone at 121eCommerce wants to ensure that our clients are successful no matter what project we are assisting them with.

What does our Development process look like?

At 121eCommerce, we believe in clear communication and collaboration throughout the entire development process. From the beginning, we assign a dedicated team and a product owner to your project, ensuring you have a single point of contact. They will help guide you through each stage of your project. You’ll receive regular progress updates through your preferred communication channel (email, Slack, phone) and have direct access to your product owner to answer any questions you may have. 

Additionally, you’ll always have the same team working on your project, ensuring continuity and a clear understanding of your vision.

We let the results speak for themselves:

Migration & web development

An OSCommerce to Adobe Commerce Migration

Migration to Magento from Webshop Manager