Ben Chafetz

Founder, Ben Chafetz

Ben was the driving force behind our mission to boost growth for eCommerce merchants. Prior to founding 121eCommerce, Ben grew the revenue for a leading eCommerce retailer from under one million to over $80 million in a few years.

With nearly twenty years of eCommerce experience, Ben was regularly featured in industry publications and spoke at key industry events, including Magento’s Imagine.

Whether it was his clients or his 50-gallon fish tank, Ben loved to see things thrive.

Daniel Gross

CEO, Daniel Gross

Daniel ensures that our commitment to deliver results-driven strategies and unsurpassed web development is continuously met. Daniel has extensive eCommerce experience, and has previously worked as the Director of Client Services with 121eCommerce.

He is passionate about helping you grow your online business. Daniel’s passion for your success is only matched by the speed he talks. Nearly 200 words per minute.

So if you need a caller at your auction, Dan’s your man.

Director of Human Resources, Marina Muras

Marina is responsible for talent management at 121eCommerce. She works on recruitment processes as well as on career paths and organizational culture.

She discovered her acting skills in her adult life and loves performing arts.

So if you need tips on how to get cast, ask Marina.

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