What makes Adobe Commerce stand out?

Corporate account management
  • Sell to corporate accounts with multiple buyers and layered organizational structures.
  • Empower customers to self-serve their accounts on the front end.
  • Add new users and assign specific roles and permissions.
  • Create sub-accounts to purchase on buyer’s behalf.
  • Reduce inquiries with self-service order, quote, credit and inventory tracking.
  • Share and edit cart with other buyers in company.
Sell on terms and with credit limits
  • Set credit limit amounts on a per company basis for a true B2B experience.
  • Allow B2B customers to purchase with check, money order, purchase orders, wire transfers, credit cards, PayPal, and more.
  • Limit which payment methods buyers allowed to use.
  • B2B customers can view available credit and purchase history in their account.

Create custom pricing & catalogs

  • Build out an endless number of customer groups to accommodate multiple pricing and catalog options.
  • Easily create custom catalogs and negotiated pricing.
  • Set volume-based pricing, regional pricing, specific product rates for certain accounts, and more.
  • Create custom promotions for customer groups.
Fast ordering by SKU or CSV upload
  • Allow your customers to bypass browsing product pages and get right to ordering.
  • Buyers can quickly place orders by entering SKUs, uploading CSV files, or choosing items from pre-set requisition lists.
  • Save your customers time with one-click re-orders and recurring orders.
Streamlined quote management and price negotiation
  • Efficiently manage quote requests and negotiate pricing terms using a streamlined workflow.
  • Accept and deliver custom quote requests and RFQs.
  • Let your customers build out an entire cart for quoting.
  • Support purchase approval workflows and complex approval processes.
Optimize Inventory and Order Processing
  • Show your buyers accurate, real-time inventory from all sources and supply chain partners.
  • Use automated business rules to intelligently source inventory for lower fulfillment costs and faster delivery times.
  • Improve operations with a single solution for managing orders from all sales channels.

Manage B2B and B2C in one place

  • Accurate, real-time inventory across entire supply chain.
  • Manage orders from all sales channels.
  • Automated business rules optimize fulfillment costs and delivery times.

Multichannel selling

  • Gain efficiencies and get closer to your customers with a proven B2B platform.
  • Create and manage websites for multiple brands, divisions, channel partners, or accounts from one interface.
  • Expand globally with support for multiple languages, currencies, and taxes.

Painless backend system integrations

  • Connect and sync all your sales data with APIs and off-the-shelf connectors.
  • Easy integration with most ERPs and accounting software, including Netsuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Salesforce, Oracle, and more.
  • Quickly meet any requirement with an open, modern, and flexible platform.

121’s Adobe Commerce Success Stories

  • New Leaf Publishing: New Leaf was able to double their effectiveness in selling on line, and doubled their average revenue per session after switching to Adobe Commerce.
  • RIVA Racing: Their migration from Webshop Manager to Adobe Commerce resulted in an increase in their monthly sales revenue, and average order volume.
  • Trafera: A migration from Magento 1.9 to Adobe Commerce that resulted in significant improvements to their user experience.

Work with an Adobe Partner that delivers results!

121eCommerce is a Bronze Adobe Solution Provider that has helped our clients migrate from their current platform to Adobe, launch new Adobe Commerce sites, or enhance their existing site’s CRO. No matter what your project entails, we have the expertise to tackle it!