Why Utilizing SkuVault Will Increase Performance, Efficiency, and Revenue


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Why Utilizing SkuVault Will Increase Performance, Efficiency, and Revenue

Mis-picks, overstocking, and understocking result in an estimated $252.9 billion in costs per year for major retailers across the US (that’s $1.5 million, $123.4 billion, and $129.5 billion, respectively). Some of this cost is associated with extra labor hours to rectify human error, returns handling, shipment fees, and marketplace penalties – and some of it is opportunity cost. SkuVault helps you to take advantage of your existing inventory, and helps you make smart forecasting and replenishment decisions to take advantage of your future opportunities as well.

Plan for the Future With Innovative Tools

Business owners want their enterprises to succeed for years to come, but how do you build a business with staying power? First, you need tools designed to suit your business model – ideally, tools designed by individuals who understand the unique pain points that hinder your growth daily. SkuVault was designed by eCommerce merchants, for eCommerce merchants – by sellers like you who knew there was a better way to manage their online business. Legacy WMS and inventory software were around before the eCommerce days, and weren’t exactly designed for this new generation’s business needs. If you want to plan for the future, you’ll need tools that will prepare you for the obstacles and successes to come.

Replace Fragmented Applications With a Cohesive System

Even the big names of ERP software, such as Magento and NetSuite, need supporting applications to cover the fundamental needs of eCommerce businesses. Applications like nChannel, Celigo and FarApp allow each system to run more cohesively across various data platforms, but, frankly, that is inefficient. SkuVault goes beyond the scope of the traditional ERP system, and helps you manage:

  • Inventory management & quantity syncs
  • Product kitting
  • Purchasing & receiving
  • Location-based wave picking
  • Quality control
  • Forecasting analytics

That means you can lighten your IT department’s workload, since it won’t have to work out as many cross-platform bugs.

Saves You Time While Increasing Profits

SkuVault gives you two incredible improvements on traditional ERP systems: automated data input and the most powerful analytics suite you’ll find on the market. When you’re trying to run a smooth and efficient business, you have to consider the little things like inputting data into your systems. Instead of having your employees spend hours inputting data, moving orders and updating inventory across many platforms, put that time into analyzing and improving your backend tasks.

Get Access to Real Time Data From Anywhere

For business owners, cloud storage has been a revelation – now, when you leave for that important networking trip, you can stay updated on the daily operations of your warehouse without having to ask your managers to add briefing you via phone to their hectic schedules. SkuVault gives you real-time updates too, so you don’t have to wait for your regular quarterly progress reports. Instead, you can use updated and accurate data to help guide you through important business decisions.

Running a business means conquering many headaches, so why not use a backend management that won’t give you the hassle? Spend more time on improving your efficiency and profitability and less time getting your management software to work as it should. Use SkuVault to streamline your ERP-related applications into one cloud-based system that was designed specifically for eCommerce sellers in need of better ERP and backend solutions.


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