I Love The Way You Buy

Have you ever looked at your calendar and realized it was almost Valentine’s day and you have nothing planned? You’re not alone, 40% plan their Valentine’s day purchases less than a week in advance. That means it’s crunch time for your business – Americans are expected to spend almost 20 Billion dollars, but how do you get a piece of all that love? Valentine’s day is one of the most popular shopping times of the year, and should be planned for like the major holiday season. Beyond putting all the pink hearts on your website, here are six ecommerce marketing strategies for this Valentine’s day.


1. We all celebrate, but differently:

Everybody needs some love, so it is no surprise that the demographic of people shopping for valentine’s day gifts is very broad. The data for who’s shopping is pretty even among men and women of all ages. However, they are looking for different things. Dividing your campaigns to target men and women separately will help each of them find what they are looking for. Additionally, studies show that their shopping habits are different as well; while women are more likely to make a purchase after scrolling through multiple options and accessories, men prefer a direct purchase without too much exploring. Targeting each gender with this in mind will cater to each of their habits.


2. True love is a good sale:

People show their love this time of year, and that includes their love for a good sale. Lots of people shopping means lots of people looking for a discount. Discounts help attract customers and increase conversion rates, so when the market it hot, it is a great time to offer a sale.


3. Everyone could use a good gift idea:

Let’s face it, gift getting is hard and we are looking everywhere for ideas. Suggested gift ideas are welcomed at this time of year, so whether you blog about these ideas, send them out in an email or turn them into social media ads, your gift ideas will be helpful and effective marketing.


4. The art of treat yourself:

The sad reality is that not everyone will be receiving a gift this year, 44% of the adult American population is single, to put that into perspective that is over 100 million people. But they still deserve gifts, and Valentine’s day is a popular time for self gifting. Branding a “treat yourself” gift to the single population (if you’re using facebook ads, that’s a really easy demographic to target) will broaden your reach this Valentine’s day.


5. Wrap it up:

Nothing shows thoughtfulness like a nicely wrapped gift. Offering Valentine’s day wrapping or cards for your product will turn it from a gift into a thoughtful gift. If you want to take it to the next level, you can throw in complimentary chocolates or a rose and turn your product into a romantic gift.


6. Be a saving grace:

Someone didn’t get a chance to buy a gift in time for Valentine’s day, and they’re in trouble! 53% of women said they would leave their partner if they did not get them a valentines gift. Be their saving grace, after Valentine’s day, target those who are scrambling for their redemption gift. After all, you are saving their relationship.