The Top 5 Ways Adobe Commerce Helps You Improve Customer Service

At 121eCommerce, we’re always emphasizing the importance of customer service. That’s because when it comes to the overall customer experience, customer support is a “make or break” aspect of your business.

Great customer service drives sales, larger average order value (AOV), and customer loyalty. Poor customer service results in unsatisfied customers, higher churn rates, and a bad reputation for your business.

The numbers speak for themselves. 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer “excellent” customer service. And, on the flip side, 80% of customers say that they are likely to do business with a competitor after a bad customer service experience. 

Read on, and see how Adobe Commerce can empower your customer support team, enhance your brand image and reputation, and build loyal customers. 

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1. Comprehensive Self-Service Features For Customers

Customers like to solve their problems on their own when they can. 67% of customers prefer self-service to calling a customer service representative. And when it comes to self-service, Adobe Commerce delivers. 

Your customers will have access to self-service features that allow them to handle most common issues on their own, including:

  • Entering and storing their billing and shipping addresses
  • Viewing order status and history
  • Tracking recent orders
  • Re-ordering past items
  • Tracking store credit, gift cards, and reward points
  • Writing and submitting product reviews
  • Accessing digital and downloadable products 

And much more. And for B2B customers, there are even more features available in Adobe Commerce, such as:

  • Creating and managing buyer accounts
  • Managing quotes, purchases, and remaining credit
  • Define roles and permissions
  • Quickly create requisition lists and order quotes
  • Order by SKU and by uploading CSV files

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you’re selling to B2B or B2C customers, Adobe Commerce has the self-service features you need to keep your customers satisfied.

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2. Create FAQ & Support Pages With Page Builder

long with self-service tools, FAQs, support pages, and knowledge bases are great ways to allow customers to get answers to their questions without contacting customer support. About 60% of customers say that their first resource for a question is a digital self-service tool like a website or a mobile app. 

With some eCommerce platforms, it’s tough to maintain updated knowledge bases and FAQ sections, since it may not be possible for your customer service team to build and update them on their own. 

Thanks to Page Builder, that’s not the case with Adobe Commerce. This is a powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that allows your team to build new web pages with simple drag-and-drop tools.

With Page Builder, your team can quickly add new FAQs and help articles, update existing content, and ensure that your customer service resources are up-to-date – even if they don’t have robust technical skills or the ability to understand code like HTML and CSS.

3. Robust Customer Service And Order Management Features

Along with great tools for customers, Adobe Commerce also offers powerful backend tools for customer service representatives. When customers contact your team for help, they’ll have the information and resources they need to handle their issue quickly and easily. These tools include:

  • Order details, status, and cancellation – The Adobe Commerce Order Management System (OMS) allows customer service representatives to quickly access information about order status and details. Customer service reps can easily modify or cancel orders as requested by customers.
  • Shipping address modification – Providing that the order has not been fulfilled, customer service agents can quickly and easily change shipping addresses. This allows customers to get their order without having to cancel and re-order.
  • Easily issue appeasements and refunds – Administrators can set permissions for customer service reps, allowing them to issue refunds, returns, and other appeasements. Automated refunds can even be set up for a streamlined customer service experience.
  • Excellent extensibility – Adobe Commerce offers extensibility with other OMS tools through a variety of different APIs. If you would prefer a different OMS, integration into the Adobe Commerce backend is simple and straightforward. 

4. Integrate CRMs & Customer Service Tools Through APIs And Extensions

One of the best things about Adobe Commerce is that it’s built on the Magento framework. As a free and open-source platform, the Magento framework allows for simple and fast integration of other CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and customer service tools into your Adobe Commerce store. 

Depending on the CRM, integration may be as easy as installing an extension from the Adobe Commerce Marketplace, or it may be necessary to create a custom integration with Web API, SOAP, or REST APIs. 

The end result is a CRM or other customer service tool that’s closely connected to your Adobe Commerce store – and allows for faster, more efficient customer service with fewer delays. In turn, that adds up to a better customer experience. 

5. Simple Support For Chatbots And Live Chat

Chatbots and live chat features are becoming more and more popular among consumers who want to get customer support without making a phone call, or dealing with the often-lengthy response times of email-based customer support. 

A recent study showed that about half of customers would opt to avoid calling in favor of a digital contact method like live chat, and 41% of customers “expect” eCommerce websites to have live chat features.

Adobe Commerce is here to help you take advantage of this trend. While it doesn’t natively support live chat and chatbots, the Adobe Commerce Marketplace has a variety of live chat extensions available, and Adobe Commerce is also fully capable of integrating live chat features from CRMs like ZenDesk.

Set Yourself Up For Customer Service Success – Build Your Business On Adobe Commerce

If you want to provide stellar customer service, you need to start from the ground up. And that means you need to choose the right eCommerce platform for your store. Whether you’re starting a new venture or migrating your existing store, 121eCommerce is here to help.

As experts in Adobe Commerce, we have the skills, expertise, and knowledge you need to build a successful eCommerce store – and to provide an excellent customer experience. And with our extensive experience in new builds, project rescues, and eCommerce migrations, we can handle any job.

So don’t wait. If you’d like to explore Adobe Commerce in further detail and see why it’s such a powerful platform for eCommerce, we’re here to help. Contact us online to schedule a quick chat with one of our experts, and get all the details you need.