eCommerce Project Rescues

Stressed because your site’s not launched?

You’ve spent months in development and thousands of dollars preparing to launch your new eCommerce site. But it’s still not live.

We can handle your failed or stalled launch. No matter the reason. Get in touch with our Project Rescue team today.

We’re a trained and certified experienced rescue team

Is your current agency unresponsive to your emails? Do simple tasks take weeks to complete and are full of mistakes?

After you experience our constant communication, quick project turnarounds, and development expertise, you’ll realize you’ve found the last eCommerce agency you’ll ever need.

We're Adobe's go-to for stalled, complex projects:

We’ve rescued stalled, complex and poorly executed projects on the verge of being scrapped and turned them into ROI-positive, functioning eCommerce sites.

Our team of trained and certified Adobe Commerce (Magento) developers can assess your problem and get right to work. Because you can’t afford to wait another day.

121 can help you with:

  • Failed launches
  • Emergency rescues
  • Bug fixes and poor code
  • Code retrieval
  • Performance issues
  • Functionality problems
  • Stalled projects
  • Third-party integrations and compatibility
magento rescue man

What sets us apart from other rescue agencies:

Friendly Client Services

You’ll be assigned a friendly, reachable client advocate who will be in constant contact with you. We’ll provide almost daily communication and weekly updates. And you can always pick up the phone and give us a call. You’ll even get a real person. We won’t leave you in the dark. Promise.


We respond to your emails within hours and you’ll have an emergency email address for critical issues. We use Slack (or a platform of your choice) for instant messaging, live updates and group communication. We know that you can’t afford for your store to be down for even a minute. We’re here for you.

Clean Code

We employ a thorough code review process to ensure every line of code we write is reliable, readable, maintainable, and easy to modify. Before any line of code goes live, it goes through an extensive QA process to certify it is clean and conforms to the highest standards.

Proven Track Record

Time and time again, eCommerce merchants turn to our rescue services because we reliably pick up the pieces and rescue stalled projects or failed launches.

Stop going around in circles

Instead of going around in circles between developers, designers, system admins and third parties, contact us. We’ll stop the finger pointing and get your site back to peak performance ASAP.