Understanding Web Analytics


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When a consumer performs an action that you want them to, the process is known as conversion. Conversion can involve a myriad of actions, such as filling out a contact form or purchasing an item. One aspect of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) involves exploring user feedback and web analytics in order to uncover issues that are preventing conversion. This unique and helpful process allows you to examine your website and repair user-related issues that pose a problem. For example, if one of your actions can only be performed in Mozilla or Chrome, you will alienate users who use Safari. CRO can easily bring such issues to your attention.

How CRO Can Benefit Your Site


Conversion rate optimization requires an in-depth analysis of your website. Everything from your content to the structure of your site should be examined in detail in order to discover what aspects of your website are conducive to your goals, and which ones are detrimental. Conversion is not a uniform process, and different types of websites will require different conversion approaches. Despite this fact, there are still some universal ways to make CRO work for your site.


Ways to Increase Traffic


The ultimate goal of CRO is to increase the amount of traffic your site gains on a weekly basis. If your web analytics are properly in place, you should be able to easily do this. By seeking out pages that exhibit higher than average bounce and exit rates, you will be able to find out where the majority of your efforts should be focused. You should also seek to answer the following questions during the CRO process.

  • Is your Call to Action visible and easy to understand?
  • Are your images adding to or taking away from the user experience?
  • Is your site easy to navigate?
  • Are your value propositions communicated clearly?
  • Do your users feel as if they are browsing a safe website?
  • Is your site loading at a sufficient speed?
  • Are your users required to take extra steps in order to perform basic actions?


All of these questions will help you better understand your website, and identify areas that need improvement.


Additional CRO Resources


Conversion rate optimization requires a wide variety of tests, web analytics, heat maps, and surveys. Each of these techniques has its own benefits, but they can all help you find ways to generate more traffic. If you lack the expertise to properly perform the CRO process, there are many online tools and companies that can help you effectively do so.



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