Top Signs That Your Business Needs an ERP System


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Top Signs That Your Business Needs an ERP System

Some eCommerce business owners are wary of implementing an ERP system because traditional software can be expensive or time consuming to implement. However, recent software advances in this niche have streamlined these applications for maximum effectiveness. The following issues are warning signs that it may be time to improve your business with an ERP solution.


  1. You Have Multiple Applications for Different Tasks


If you have one program each for warehouse inventory, ordering and pricing, you’re introducing many potential issues into your processes. When your employees have to wait for multiple programs to communicate, they can’t make quick decisions based on accurate data, which can decrease overall efficiency.


  1. You Rely on Heavily Customized Software


Your business needs are unique, so a bit of customization is expected. However, if your system uses many plugins or support applications to operate effectively, updates (which happen frequently) become time consuming and expensive. Your software system should be flexible enough to support business growth.


  1. You Have Difficulty Accessing Important Business Data


If you are asked about your enterprise’s key performance metrics, how long will it take you to track down precise and updated data? Ideally you should have immediate access to this type of data without needing a round of data input or manual analytics.


  1. Your IT Department Is Overwhelmed


When you’re a business owner, you’ll find in many cases the simplest solution is the best. With ERP software, this is especially true because customization, integration, maintenance and troubleshooting of complex, multi-application systems can overburden even your finely cultivated IT team.


  1. Accounting Is Increasingly Time Consuming


Pay special attention to your accounting department because this backend operations stomping ground will probably show the first noticeable signs of needing new ERP software. Because they deal with so much data, input and reporting tasks can halt other important department functions. However, ERP solutions can handle these tasks easily.


  1. Customer Service Is Suffering


Managing your inventory and shipping is crucial, but it is increasingly difficult as your business grows. If you are having trouble keeping popular items in stock or giving customers accurate updates on their order, you should consider a system upgrade.


  1. You’re Missing Deadlines


Are you having trouble filling orders on time? Can you consistently meet your shipping deadlines? When you start having trouble keeping up with these tasks, it may be an indication that your order management system is no longer sufficient for your needs.


  1. You Have Limited to No Remote Access


Frankly, you should be able to access your important business metrics and other data from anywhere at anytime. You never know when an unforeseen obstacle or opportunity will come your way, so be sure you’ll always have the data you need to make good business decisions.


  1. Your Departments Aren’t Collaborating


When your team doesn’t work cohesively, it’s hard to maintain smooth daily operations. You need your departments to focus on their tasks, but it’s incredibly important to share information. For instance, can your inventory manager easily gain access to projected budgets so he or she can effectively plan for next quarter?


  1. Your Innovation Has Halted


If you aren’t exactly sure of your businesses current state of health, how can you target areas of your enterprise that require improvement? One of the keys to effective business growth is knowing when to innovate and upgrade. If your business is showing the above signs, implement a practical ERP solution and reap the benefit of an improved bottom line. You’ll be more responsive to the market’s frequent changes and your enterprise’s individual growth might just skyrocket.




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