Retail eCommerce Success Story: Streamlining Product Management

The world of luxury retail demands a seamless customer experience.

In this case study, we’ll explore how 121eCommerce helped a leading online retailer of luxury watches enhance their sales process by integrating a custom Product Information Management (PIM) system with their Magento platform.

What was the client’s need?:

One of our clients, a leading online retailer of luxury watches, required a more-robust solution to port their custom-built Product Information Management (PIM) system to Magento. 

The primary objective was to recreate the existing control panel for managing products and attributes, and ensuring that it closely resembled their current platform. 

Additionally, it was important to also develop a data synchronization system between the PIM and another Magento website (for the consumer), with the flexibility to connect this synchronization system to any other system. 

This would enable them to seamlessly integrate any website as a data consumer from the PIM.

How did 121 address their needs?:

121eCommerce completed a detailed analysis of their existing system to understand its functionality, and if there were any intricacies.

We were able to recreate the control panel, and incorporated numerous components to replicate their current system’s capabilities.

Our team developed a sophisticated synchronization system, and successfully connected it to one of their Magento websites. 121 ensured a seamless transition by also importing all products from their old system to the new one and completing data synchronization between the PIM and the consumer website.

Can what 121eCommerce did be replicated for other clients?:

While this specific solution was tailored for a watch retailer, we can absolutely have this be used for other businesses!   

If there is a need to connect additional websites to a PIM, we can reuse parts of the code and extend it as needed to make sure it fits your business model. 

We specialize in solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients, and our ability to adapt and provide custom development ensures that we deliver results. By leveraging our expertise, we help businesses streamline their operations and achieve greater efficiency.

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