Key Elements of an e-Commerce Homepage

The homepage of an ecommerce website is incredibly important. For most websites across all industries, the homepage is the top entrance page. This means it will be the first impression and the deciding page for visitors to either continue shopping or bounce back to their search.

So what does it take to make an awesome e-commerce homepage? Here are the Key elements to focus on.

Header elements

The header is the top level space on your website, that appears universally across your site. This vital space should display important details such as the ways your customers can contact you.


There are a handful of things that customers are accustomed to easily finding, and putting them in your universal header provides a positive, easy experience for visitors that help to drive sales. Let’s break down the different elements to display.

Include these uber important elements:

  1. Contact Phone Number
  2. Logo (linking to homepage)
  3. Login button
  4. Search bar
  5. Shopping Cart


These are some of the most commonly searched for elements on an ecommerce website, so make the visitor’s experience easy, give them what they’re looking for right at the top of every page. Bonus points if you make the phone number clickable on your mobile website!

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