How 121eCommerce Customizes Magento for Scalable Success

When it comes to Magento, it is certainly a platform that allows a ton of customization, and the ability to grow with your business at scale. 

But what happens when you need something extremely custom, or something that ties into an existing system where there is no extension to plug into your site? 

That’s where an eCommerce agency like 121eCommerce comes into play! 

Let’s highlight two instances in which we scaled Magneto’s native capabilities to help make our clients online stores and user experiences significantly better.   

Custom White labeling of Magento: 

One of our clients that worked with us needed 200 (no, that is not a typo) unique stores that needed to be white-labeled as part of their project with us to match the look and feel of the individual brands. 

We took this as a challenge, and our team was able to create an extension for white-labeling those stores, and have them all share the same backend within Magento. With this extension, users can set up their own stores with no limit, and even with them sharing the same backend, the overall site performance and speed isn’t impacted. 

While you can create stores with ease, they are by no means templated. Users can customize the home pages fully using the native capabilities of Magento to match the store’s branding.

Reduction of Manual Processes: 

For our next example, we worked with a University on supporting their extremely dated Magento 1.9 site. Not only did we help them by upgrading to the latest version, we helped them by reducing the manual processes that were causing them headaches. As this branch of the university distributed software licenses, with their old Magento site this was all done manually after they were purchased. 

Naturally, this caused delays in them being distributed due to the manual effort which caused headaches for users, and for their staff. We were able to help the university distribute them automatically as soon as they were purchased, which cut out this manual process completely. 

Additionally, we were able to also integrate their updated Magento site to the university’s procurement system, along with a punch out solution provider. These have greatly improved the overall user experience of their website, and the overall efficiency of their staff as well. 

Partner with us!: 

At the end of the day, we actively look for solutions to problems with an eCommerce website, and in the words of one of our clients, instead of just saying, “no, that’s not possible” we look for a solution and turn that into, “yes, it’s possible.” 

While these success stories are tied to Magento, we also do custom BigCommerce and Shopify development, which help us become our clients’ trusted partner in crafting eCommerce solutions for sustainable growth. 

If you’re interested in learning more about 121eCommerce, and how we can help your business, let’s schedule a technical website audit, or you can see more of our other client success stories here.