How BigCommerce Helped an Automotive Parts Manufacturer Revamp their Online Store

The automotive parts industry thrives on intricate details. From intricate engine components to specialized performance upgrades, the sheer customization possibilities can overwhelm even the most knowledgeable car expert.  Transferring these complexities to an online store presents a unique challenge: how do you create an eCommerce platform that effectively showcases a vast product range while also empowering customers to customize their purchases?

This was the exact challenge facing a leading automotive parts manufacturer we’ll refer to as “our client” (for confidentiality purposes). Their existing online store struggled to effectively present their extensive product catalog and lacked the functionality for customers to build customized part orders specific to their vehicle. 

After recognizing the limitations of their current platform, our client needed to find an eCommerce solution that could not only handle their large inventory, but also prioritize a user-friendly experience for customized purchases.

Why BigCommerce (and 121eCommerce) Were the Perfect Fits:

Our client evaluated several eCommerce platforms, and ultimately selected BigCommerce. BigCommerce’s cost-effective pricing structure was a major advantage, allowing our client to cut back on their overall development and maintenance costs. 

Our client also chose to work with 121eCommerce due to our pricing model, which is based on time and materials, along with the support they would receive from our team. Rather than having to wait for an extended period of time for updates on their project, they would get proactive updates from their product owner.     

Above all else, BigCommerce’s platform offered the flexibility needed to create a highly-customized buying experience for their customers.

A Highly-Customized Experience for Part Selection:

One of the key components of their BigCommerce build involved structuring each part as a “component” within BigCommerce’s system. This seemingly simple step revolutionized the customer experience.  This streamlined approach not only simplified part selection but also reduced the chances of compatibility errors. 

To ensure a seamless experience and accurate product information, we utilized BigCommerce’s API for product management. This integration allowed them to efficiently manage and update product data directly within the BigCommerce platform. Additionally, we implemented a cron-based automation system to keep inventory levels up-to-date in real-time. This eliminated the need for manual stock updates, a time-consuming task prone to human error.

These customizations can also be applied to other business types as well, and I have seen this be beneficial for retail businesses, manufacturers, or any business that needs more in-depth product customization options.

Streamlining Order Management with ERP Integration:

Our client relied on Openweb’s ERP to manage their back-end operations. To eliminate manual data entry and streamline order fulfillment, we integrated Openweb ERP with BigCommerce using middleware. This seamless connection automatically transfers orders from the online store to the ERP system, ensuring a smooth transition from purchase to fulfillment.

Enhancements in Customer Engagement:

Beyond the core site functionalities, we also integrated Klaviyo, a robust marketing automation tool. This integration allows our client to create personalized marketing campaigns, target specific customer segments, and even implement abandoned cart recovery strategies. By leveraging Klaviyo’s capabilities, our client can nurture leads, enhance customer loyalty, and ultimately drive more online sales and customer engagement.

121’s Comprehensive Approach Delivered Success!:

Our client’s project encompassed a comprehensive range of services, that 121eCommerce assisted them with including:

UI/UX Design: We prioritized creating a user-friendly storefront for both product browsing and customization.

Development: Our development team focused on building the custom functionalities required for the component structure, API integration, and automation systems.

Integrations: We ensured successful connections with Openweb ERP and Klaviyo, creating a well-connected ecosystem for optimal efficiency.

Data Migration: The data migration process ensured a smooth transition of product data to the new platform, maintaining data security throughout.

SEO Transition: We implemented strategies to maintain our client’s existing SEO performance during the platform migration, and gave them suggestions for future growth.

The Results Speak for Themselves:

Since the launch of their new BigCommerce site, our client has witnessed a significant increase in sales. Additionally, the integration with Openweb ERP has streamlined their order management process, reducing errors and improving operational efficiency.

Considering BigCommerce for Your Business?:

This project serves as a testament to the power of BigCommerce for businesses in the B2B and parts manufacturing space. BigCommerce’s flexibility allows for the creation of highly customized online stores that cater to complex product lines and intricate buying processes.  Our client is now well-positioned to continue to grow in the growing online automotive parts market, offering a best-in-class customer experience that fosters brand loyalty and drives sales growth.

If you’re looking for an eCommerce platform that offers robust functionalities, seamless scalability, and the ability to create a unique and customized online store, BigCommerce is a strong contender.

Looking for an audit of your BigCommerce store, or to see if the platform is a good fit? Let’s schedule some time to connect!