32 Magento Demo Videos

32 Magento Demo Videos You’ll Want to Bookmark – 121eCommerce

Wanna learn about Magento 2’s features, but don’t have the time to read through lengthy blog posts and user guides?

We hear you.

To help you out, we’ve put together an awesome list of Magento demo videos.

They cover many Magento features, including virtual merchandiser, the B2B suite, BI (Business Intelligence) and tons more.

Most of the videos are under two minutes! (So you really have no excuse not to watch them.)

Bookmark this page for future reference.

It’s chock full of great content and short how-to videos to help you get the most out of Magento 2 – the last eCommerce platform you’ll ever need.

Magento 2 Features Videos

Magento 2 Overview (10 min)
Video covers admin, Page Builder, content staging environment, B2B suite, B2C features, order management, and BI (Business Intelligence)

Visual Merchandiser (1 min)
Save time with smart categories and harness the power of drag-and-drop functionality to visually sort your product pages.

Content Staging and Preview Environment (2 min)
Easily create, preview, and schedule content and promotional updates – without involving IT.

Customer Segmentation and Personalization (3 min)
Build personalized experiences to convert both guests and registered shoppers. Video covers personalization of content, products, promos, and private sales.

Admin Experience (1 min)
Quick review of Magento 2’s touch-friendly admin tool designed for business efficiency.

Promotions (2 min)
Increase conversion and AOV with a robust promotions and discounting tool.

Engaging Customer Experience (2 min)
Overview of native front-end shopping experience built to give merchants a responsive, flexible storefront.

Continuous Innovation in the Cloud (4:20 min)
Overview of how the PaaS tool enables development teams to work more efficiently.

Magento Order Management Demo Videos

In Store Operations (3 min)

Global Inventory Management (1 min)

Customer Service (1 min)

Distributed Order Management (2 min)

Powerful Admin Experience (1 min)

Magento Business Intelligence (BI) PRO Demo Videos

Learn More About the Behavior of Your Customers (1 min)
The Magento Business Intelligence Cohort Report Builder makes it intuitive to group, analyze and compare the performance of your customers over time.

Consolidate All of Your Data to Get Deeper Insights  (1 min)
Discover the true potential of your data by combining all of your previously separate data sources together in Magento Business Intelligence.

Unlock New Actionable Insights (1 min)
Take control of your data with the Data Warehouse Manager in Magento Business Intelligence. Add new columns and combine data tables to unlock powerful new analyses.

Build a Data-Driven Organization (1:30 min)
With Magento Business Intelligence, you can empower your entire organization with data by creating and sharing an unlimited number of reports and dashboards with relevant business users.

Magento Business Intelligence (BI) Essentials Demo Videos

Bring Magento and Google Analytics Together (1 min)
Easily integrate Google Analytics with Magento Business Intelligence to compare your traffic and website data to your Magento store’s performance.

Customize Metrics to Meet Your Needs (1 min)
With Magento Business Intelligence, you have access to a pre-built set of metrics that can be used as is, or easily customized to reflect your own business logic.

Build a Data-Driven Organization (1:30 min)
With Magento Business Intelligence, you can empower your entire organization with data by creating and sharing an unlimited number of reports and dashboards with relevant business users.

Get In-Depth Reporting with No Technical Knowledge Required (1 min)
Magento Business Intelligence puts a series of best practice dashboards at your fingertips, making it effortless to gain high-level insights and deeper analysis into your Magento data.

How to Connect your Database to Magento Business Intelligence (2 min)

Magento B2B Demo Videos

Simplify Your B2B and B2C Store Management on One Magento Instance (1:30 min)

Assign Custom Catalogs & Price Lists to Companies (2 min)

Streamline Quote Management & Price Negotiation (1:30 min)

Enable Fast, Frictionless Purchasing with Quick Orders and Reorders (2 min)

Encourage Higher Spending with Company Credit (1:30 min)

Manage Buying Roles and Complex Organizational Structures (2 min)

Magento Webinar Replays

Magento Commerce Cloud Demo (15 min webinar replay)

Magento Commerce Cloud Infrastructure (31 min webinar replay)

Magento B2B Demo (26 min webinar replay)

Magento Order Management Demo (30 min webinar replay)

Don’t get frozen.

These videos are just the tip of a VERY big Magento 2 iceberg.

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