magento stats you need to know

What does Magento and Honeycomb cereal have in common?

Magento’s big…yeah yeah yeah!
It’s not small…no no no!
Magento’s got…a big big base!
Big big bunch for a big big bite!

If the above sounds familiar, it’s from Honeycomb’s jingle from the 1980’s:

Honeycomb’s big…yeah yeah yeah!
It’s not small…no no no!
Honeycomb’s got…a big big taste!
Big big crunch for a big big bite!

Here’s the classic commercial to jog your memory even more:

For all those of you who remember this commercial, I’m sure it brings back sweet memories.

For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, let’s cut to the chase.

Like Honeycomb, Magento is big. It’s the most popular eCommerce platform worldwide.

Just how big and popular is it? Here are 21 stats to keep you busy:

General Magento Statistics

  1. Magento was first available for public use on March 31, 2008. (Source: Wikipedia)
  2. Magento was acquired by Adobe in 2018 for $1.68 billion. (Source:, Mashable)
  3. Magento provides two separate editions: Magento Open Source (free) and Magento Commerce (paid). (Source: Medium, Wikipedia)
  4. Magento has more than 200,000 developers worldwide. (Source:
  5. Magento has over 1,300 partners globally. (Source:
  6. 11% of the websites using Magento are based in the US. (Source: BuiltWith)
  7. Magento has a 1.9% share of the CMS market. (Source: W3Techs)
  8. Magento is the 2nd most popular eCommerce platform in the world. (Source: CloudWays)
  9. Magento powers more than 250,000 eCommerce merchants worldwide. (Source: Magento IT Solutions,
  10. The number of Magento sites has nearly doubled between March 2017 and August 2018. (Source: BuildWith)
  11. Among the top 10,000 eCommerce retailers, Magento owns a 16% share. (Source: Aheadworks)
  12. Magento users account for 200 spots in the Internet Retailer Top 1000 list. (Source:
  13. Magento has held the #1 spot on the internet Retailer 1000 list for four years in a row. (Source:
  14. Magento holds the #1 spot on the Internet Retailer B2B eCommerce 300 list with 42 merchants. (Source:
  15. Top brands, including Coca-Cola, Ford, Omega Watches, Christian Louboutin, and Bulgari run on Magento. (Source: Paul  Rogers)
  16. Magento processes over $155 billion in transactions every year. (Source:
  17. Worldwide online eCommerce sales on Magento are expected to grow to $224 billion by 2020. (Source: Creative Minds)
  18. The number of online shoppers served by Magento merchants is expected to increase by 200% between 2016 and 2020. (Source: Creative Minds)

Key Magento Advantages

  1. Merchants that use Magento grow three times faster on average. (Source:
  2. ROI with Magento is approximately 5.2 months. (Source:
  3. There are over 4,000 (2,367 Magento 2 / 1,632 Magento 1) extensions available at the Magento marketplace. (Source: Magento Marketplace)