Third Party Integrations and Extensions


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Third Party Integrations and Extensions


E-commerce and omnichannel retailers each have their own unique set of operating pains that need to be solved in order to grow. There is a common theme amongst all growing retail businesses, however, that must be addressed. Specifically, any growing retailer must solve the right balance of Procurement, Warehouse and Supply Chain Operations to meet Customer Expectations. All too often the solution to this core issue of growth entails several different software solutions each of which must be negotiated, integrated, implemented, and each employee trained on to conjure a cohesive business operating system. The pains RetailOps solves show up in a myriad of ways such as:


  • Low inventory accuracy
  • Incorrect Cost of Goods On Hand
  • Oversold orders (stuff you thought you had, but don’t)
  • Undersold inventory (stuff you have in your warehouse but not for sale on your site)
  • High incidence of mis-shipped orders (shipped the customer the wrong thing)
  • Difficulty expanding warehouse teams (high training cost, low output per employee)
  • Low returning customer rates
  • Poor product data on site leading to low conversion rates (missing images, not enough product information collected and entered into the site)
  • Inability to leverage inventory in more than one channel (your site only and not amazon or ebay, etc..)
  • Lack of a multi-channel strategy to leverage inventory you have (takes too long to list entire catalog for sale in all places available to you, in-store inventory available for sale on website? On amazon? On sears? etc..)
  • Small catalog of product (can’t automate drop shipping capable vendors)


RetailOps is a Saas product uniquely designed for retailers, online, brick-and-mortar, and everything in between. Providing a full set of tools to run back-office operations from the C-suite to the warehouse floor; purchasing, receiving, inventory, product management, shipping, reporting and beyond in a single cohesive system.


With over a decade of experience in retail execution and operational efficiency, RetailOps has built their reputation and stronghold in the market due to their capacity to configure their all-in-one software suite on the processes of how retail business operates. RetailOps is engaged because you shouldn’t expect to operate two businesses, a Technology business and a Retail business to scale your organization and work around rigid software tools that don’t work well together. RetailOps will immerse themselves into your business and configure the software and your corresponding businesses processes with tried and true solutions for retail.


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