Site Abandonment


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Site Abandonment

  1. Avoid Site Abandonment to Increase Conversion Rates

It’s easy for customers to abandon a shopping cart on an ecommerce site. There are many things you can do to avoid site abandonment and increase your conversion rate. Your site should be optimized to give the shopper an easy experience and tell them what they need to know when they are ready to checkout. Layout and design is crucial in conversion rate optimization. Then, during the checkout process, you need to look at the customer’s experience and ensure you’re doing everything you can to get them to complete the sale.


2. Integrate an Abandoned Cart Saver Into Your Process

There are many reasons customers don’t finish the sale. You may not even know all the reasons that they don’t click the checkout button, but you can encourage the conversion. One of the key tools that BigCommerce uses is the abandoned cart saver. Once a customer puts an item into the cart, but doesn’t complete the sale, the cart saver tool picks up on it. A cart is not considered abandoned until there has been no activity for an hour. The cart saver tool waits another hour before it sends an email to the customer reminding them about the item in the cart.Levi's.png

In order to use this tool, your business must have the customer’s email. This can be accomplished by asking the customer for an email when they add something to the cart or having them log into an account that was previously established. You may have to offer a special reward or discount to encourage sign-ups. A 15 percent discount on the first order may provide more conversions, which leads to more sales. It’s a small trade-off, especially when you consider that once you have that customer, it’s often easier to re-convert them to more sales.


3. Utilize Tools That Help You Manage Site Abandonment

Software such as Magento’s Magento Abandoned Cart Campaign that integrates into your website offers more options to reach out to shoppers who left their carts. This allows you to generate a list of those potential customers and then reach out to them with incentives to return. BigCommerce has multiple options in which your business can contact those shoppers who left their cart. Use these tools to change site abandonment losses. There are multiple options within the tools to give you plenty of control over when the emails are sent to abandoned carts. You can change the frequency based on customer feedback. You can also create a list of potential customers who may be interested in your newsletter and other sales.



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