Protect Your e-Commerce Website from malware

Everyone in charge of an e-Commerce website is constantly aware of the risk of Malware attacks, and it seems, according to Magento, these Malware attacks are on the rise

Fortunately, it seems that in most of the malware cases, the attackers are not developing new ways to hack into Magento websites, rather they are utilizing vulnerabilities from unpatched websites and sites with poor security practices.

Check out Magento’s newest article on how you can be protecting your site from malware and stay
proactive in keeping attackers out!

In this article you’ll learn about how to set up strong passwords, Admin user accounts best practice suggestions, and more.

Make sure you’re always stay up to date on the newest Magento security patches, like the Magento 1.x and 2.x  security patch SUPEE-8788 and the critical Magento security patch SUPEE-7405.


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