Pokemon Go Can Help You Drive More Sales To Your Local Business

As the Pokemon Go craze continues to pick up speed, small local businesses are finding ways to benefit from it. Inc.com writes an excellent article on how PokeMon Go is driving insane amounts of sales at small and local businesses . You can check to see if your business location is a Gym or a PokeStop and build a strategy around it.

According to Inc.com’s article, if your location is a Pokemon Store, it can really be as simple as throwing down a Lure and game players will come streaming in to the area. Depending on your business you may even want to offer discounts or promotions to further attract them in to make purchases while they’re there.

If your business is near a Gym, the article suggests you get more involved socially to attract those potential customers walking around just outside, since you can’t put down Lures for Gyms.

We found the article super informative, check it out and see if their advice can help bring in sales for your business!

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