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Email Marketing Remains Effective – If You Do It Right

Of all the different ways e-commerce merchants can reach their current or potential customers, none may be as consistent in getting results as email marketing. Despite the fact that today’s consumers pay less attention to promotional emails in the sea of messages in their inboxes, it is not yet time to give up on this communication strategy for boosting your online sales. However, it is important that you keep your messaging fresh and valuable for customers, otherwise, your emails might just sink.

Newsletters of Old

Email newsletters have been around for decades, and in many cases they have not evolved much. The approach generally is one of “editorial” content that may be of interest to someone who ordered products or services from your company. In the past, everyone on the email marketing spreadsheet received the same messages, regardless of their interests or any specific preferences. Sometimes, the email used a form function that filled in the name of recipient in order to look more personal. Many customers found these newsletters a bit on the boring side and only opened them to see if a percentage-off coupon was included.

Fresher Approaches
Today’s newsletters are all electronic, and they take full advantage of the customization technology with dynamic e-commerce marketing firms such as BlueCherry Group. Each email marketing message can be tailored to the preferences, browsing history and frequently purchased lists attached to each recipient. Newsletters can offer cross-selling items or suggest styling options for the felt fedora your customer bought last week. Email newsletters with helpful information, pertinent reviews and valuable offers not only entice readers to open them, they can lead to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Utilize Technology

At this point it is clear that customization in email marketing is much more lucrative than generic messaging. However, you may be wondering how you will have the time to handpick all the topics covered in each subscriber’s email newsletter. Fortunately, that all can be left to technology. These services are automated ones that you can learn to utilize yourself, or you can hire a personalization and marketing service that will handle all these details for you. They might also be able to offer other helpful services. BlueCherry Group also can oversee affiliate marketing efforts, search engine ad campaigns and customer data mining programs.

If you have been working on email marketing for a while and have a newsletter approach in place, maybe it is time to consider tweaking it to add more personalization. Use the tools you have at your disposal to harness the power of effective email marketing.


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