Integrating Magento with NetSuite

In the world of e-commerce, the ability to streamline your operations through a reliable content management system is invaluable. When searching for such a solution, it’s only natural that most would look to some of the more prominent names in the industry with the assumption that their ability to deliver quality in one area of applications likely will transfer to others. However, experience teaches us that this is not always the case.

Recognizing the Shortcomings of SuiteCommerce

With its success in creating reliable back-end accounting, inventory management, and customer care solutions, NetSuite has developed a reputation as being one of the premier providers in the enterprise resource planning industry. SuiteCommerce represents its attempt to tie those back-end benefits to a reliable ecommerce platform. However, its inexperience in dealing with consumers one-on-one is evident in some of the shortcomings witnessed with SuiteCommerce.

The problems that SuiteCommerce presents to those looking to optimize their online sales capabilities have been well-documented in the past. This may leave you seeing a fairly bleak outlook if you’ve already hitched your wagon to NetSuite. Don’t worry; creating a comprehensive tool incorporating the best benefits of NetSuite’s ERP tools and the superior ecommerce solution that is Magento is easier and more cost-effective than you may think.

A Customizable, Comprehensive Online Sales Solution

Using a reliable Magento-to-NetSuite connector, you’ll enjoy the automated, real-time synchronization of data between both platforms. This allows you to continue to effectively manage customer fulfillment through NetSuite while also enhancing your sales potential thanks to the greater community support offered through Magento. Plus, the ability to scale and customize the Magento application to your unique needs helps to ensure that you’re not needlessly spending vital business dollars on applications that are irrelevant to your service model.

The depth of information shared through Magento-to-NetSuite integration is truly remarkable. Through the connector, you’re able to import valuable front-end data such as:

  • Sales orders
  • Customers sales and contact data
  • Updated billing information

Conversely, NetSuite allows you access to valuable back-end resources to help enhance the customer’s online shopping experience. This includes:

  • Customer sales histories
  • Current product catalog information
  • Real-time inventory data
  • Sales processing and shipping statuses

Your ability to successful integrate your NetSuite OMS with Magento depends largely upon two factors: access to the right integration tools, and experience in marrying the benefits of both systems. We here at 121ecommerce can offer you both. Having worked with countless clients in your same situation in the past, we know exactly how to make such an integration work in accordance with your company’s goals. You can trust that our experience will finally allow you to enjoy the added strength that Magento offers your ecommerce applications.