Can A Magento Developer Fix A Site I Started Myself?

Can A Magento Developer Fix A Site I Started Myself?

So. You’ve got some coding and technical skills, so you decided to save a buck and migrate to Magento 2 on your own – or start a brand new eCommerce store without a developer.

Things started out okay.

But now you’re in way over your head. 

Your website is broken. It’s glitching. It’s not working like you’d expect it to – and you’re losing money daily. 

Can you hire a Magento developer to fix it? The answer is… It depends. 

Let’s look at your options…

It May Be Possible To Fix Your Site If You Didn’t Touch The Core Code

When it comes to Magento 2 development, there’s one rule you need to follow. Don’t touch the core code. Seriously. Don’t touch the core code.

There are a lot of reasons for this. First, it can cause serious system instability and compatibility problems. Another issue is that, between releases of Magento 2, your changes may be overwritten – and this can cause a wide variety of other issues.

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are. Don’t touch the core code. If you have altered it slightly, it may be possible to save our website. But if you’ve made huge changes, destroyed large portions of the core code, or accidentally damaged the core codebase in some other way, it may be necessary to completely start over and rebuild the website.

It’s Rare To Have To Completely Rebuild A Website From Scratch

You may be feeling a bit spooked. But don’t be. Yes, it’s possible for you to make so many mistakes and errors that your Magento 2 website is ruined beyond repair. But there’s good news – that’s really quite rare.

At 121eCommerce, we’ve done dozens of project rescues over the years. And, so far, there’s only been one instance where we had to tell the client that they had to rebuild their entire site due to serious code issues and instability.

So it’s a good bet that if you hire a certified Magento Partner like 121eCommerce, you’ll be able to salvage most of your website, so your initial work won’t be wasted and you don’t have to start from square one.

What To Expect When You Hire A Magento Developer For A Project Rescue

If you’re ready to hand things over to a pro, you may be wondering what exactly will happen to your website. There are 3 basic steps that your new developers will need to take to begin the project rescue process. 

  • Code audit – The first step of a project rescue is always a code audit. A code audit is a comprehensive review of all of the core Magento code, as well as all of the custom code that has been added to your store. A code audit lets your new development team assess the health and condition of your website – and determine whether or not it’s possible to salvage your website.
  • Create a plan – Once your development team has completed their code audit, the next step is to create a comprehensive project plan to restore your website, and complete the process of building, testing, and launching your store.
  • Implement & begin project rescue – After your developers have done a code audit and put together a plan, it’s time to decide whether or not you want to rescue your website. The cost to fix the mess you made may be worth it – or it may not be. It all depends on your situation.

If you decide that it’s worth it, your developers will get to work right away, and begin repairing your website and restoring all of its functionality. 

Beware Of Any Developer Who Says They Can Fix A Site Without A Code Audit

It’s not uncommon to run across unscrupulous Magento developers who claim they can rescue any Magento website – and say they can fix your site without performing any type of code audit. 

Avoid these developers like the plague.

A developer saying they can fix a website without a code audit is like a brain surgeon saying they can perform brain surgery without a CT scan. It’s just not possible. A code audit is absolutely essential in determining what steps need to be taken to restore your website – and whether or not the time and monetary investment will be worth it.

So if you’re trying to save a Magento website you started developing on your own, make sure you turn to a certified Magento partner. By doing so, you’ll be able to ensure your developer will meet Magento standards and follow Magento protocols – and provide you with top-notch service. 

If You’re Not Confident In Your Skills, Don’t Go It Alone – Start With A Certified Developer

It’s tempting to try to start a Magento site by yourself. But while it’s pretty user-friendly for administration and day-to-day tasks, launching an entire Magento store on your own can be a lot harder than you may think.

In the long run, you’ll find that you may save more time and money by getting things right the first time – and simply hiring a certified Magento developer with the skills, expertise, and partner network that you need.

After all, fixing a website that’s broken can be time-consuming and expensive. But by turning to a pro from the get-go, you can avoid wasting your time and energy trying to repair a broken Magento 2 website that you’ve messed up during the development process. 

Need help? 121eCommerce is standing by, and we specialize in project rescues. As a Silver Magento Solution Partner, we’ve got the expertise you need to salvage your store and get things back on track. Contact us now for a consultation, and we can discuss your situation in more detail.

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