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Adwords Campaign Update


In July 2015, AdWords users will notice some big changes that will affect their unused ads. Google aims to make a campaign update that will clean up old campaigns, ads and other AdWords units. This change will permanently delete campaigns if they have been removed more than 100 days ago and have not accumulated any impressions. Once ads and campaigns are deleted, it will be impossible to access them or see them again. Although this may seem like a drastic measure to some, permanently cleaning up unused ads may actually allow AdWords to function more efficiently, which will help ensure that all users have a more pleasant experience.

What This Means for Users

Sometimes users create ads that do not effectively attract customers. Usually, these ads are deleted but still appear in the user’s history, even though they no longer serve a useful function. As old ads pile up in deleted accounts, they can slow down the user’s AdWords experience and cause frustration. Permanently cleaning up old ads helps to eliminate this problem by getting rid of unusable clutter and improving performance.

Prior to removing an ad or campaign, each user should carefully determine whether or not they are ok with letting it go forever. Once removed, it will not be possible to reactivate or edit deleted ads. Since ads are typically removed because they don’t perform well, Google anticipates that users will have a generally positive opinion of the upcoming change.

Remove Campaigns Temporarily

Users who want to remove ad groups or campaigns on a temporary basis can do so by “pausing” their status instead of deleting them.


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