Adobe Summit 2020 – The Digital Experience

This year, Magento Imagine and Adobe Summit will not be taking place in Las Vegas. Each year, thousands of people flock to Vegas to learn more about what’s next for the Magento platform – but thanks to the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, this event has been canceled. 

As a sponsor of Magento Imagine, 121eCommerce will be taking a look at what you need to know about this event – which will merge with Adobe Summit and be hosted digitally.

Let’s get into it.

Magento Imagine & Adobe Summit Have Been Cancelled Due To COVID-19

Unfortunately, the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has made it impossible to hold Magento Imagine and Adobe Summit in person.

With numerous states introducing shelter-in-place orders and the closure of major event centers and even sporting leagues, there’s simply no way to have thousands of people come together in person.

And that’s for the best. The spread of COVID-19 coronavirus has already been enormous and is affecting every state in the US. We need to take all of the measures we can to slow it down and avoid overwhelming our healthcare system.

But where does that leave Magento Imagine and Adobe Summit? As a sponsor of Magento Imagine, we were just as excited as attendees to learn more about the past, present, and future of Magento. But don’t be disappointed just yet! 

Both Magento Imagine & Adobe Summit Will Be Hosted Digitally

While the physical Magento Imagine conference will no longer be happening, that doesn’t mean the event is completely canceled.

Instead, it’s been moved online and will be hosted digitally as Adobe Summit 2020. You can click this link to stay updated about what’s going to happen throughout the conference.

The event will officially launch at 8:30 AM PDT on March 31st, and numerous events, talks, webinars, and workshops will be held throughout the week. 

While the format will change slightly from what you would have expected at the physical conference, there will still be a lot of great content and information about Magento, Adobe and their future. 

You’ll Get Access To The Magento Imagine Online Experience For Free This Year! 

Whether you were planning to attend Magento Imagine this year, or you were thinking about skipping it, we’ve got great news for you – the entire online experience and all of the content will be provided completely free of charge.

If you had already signed up for Magento Imagine and Adobe Summit this year, you should already be getting email updates about the Magento Imagine online experience. 

If you haven’t signed up, you still can- click here to sign up for free access to the digital event. Just enter your business email and a bit of personal information, and you’ll be ready when Adobe Summit 2020 launches at 8:30 AM PDT on March 31st.

What To Expect From The Magento Imagine Online Experience

Obviously, the experience of attending the conference online and not in-person will be a bit different than traveling to Vegas to attend.

But much of the content that will be delivered online will be just as relevant and useful for Magento agencies, store owners, and other eCommerce professionals. It will educate them on the current state of Magento, and how the platform is looking to enhance the customer experience in the future. 

By attending the Adobe Summit online experience, you’ll get:

  • Keynote presentations from Adobe leaders like Anil Chakravarthy and Shantanu Narayen
  • More than 100+ breakout sessions, product demos, announcements, and keynotes exploring the latest product innovations from Adobe and Magento
  • Live online and on-demand content, which will be added continuously throughout the week. You can watch on your schedule, and enjoy informative content on your terms.

So make sure you are signed up. No matter how you use Magento, you’re sure to gain some valuable insights and information that can ensure you make the most of the platform in the coming year.

Join 121eCommerce – We’ll Be Attending Adobe Summit Virtually All Week Long! 

As specialists in Magento development, project rescues, and more, the team at 121eCommerce will be checking out all of the content that the Adobe Summit 2020 online experience has to offer all week long.

So make sure you do the same, and join us as we learn more about the future of the Magento eCommerce platform. Click here to sign up and attend if you haven’t already – and we’ll see you online!