121eCommerce Partners with Shopper Approved

121eCommerce is proud to announce our new partnership with ShopperApproved. Below are some of the ways that Shopper Approved proves itself head and shoulders above their competitors:

Shopper Approved vs third party review platforms:

1.   Shopper Approved has up front transparent pricing with no contracts and if you choose an annual rate it’s locked for the life of the account.

2.   Shopper Approved collects 70x more reviews over competing services. Merchant can expect to collect reviews from 42% of their Customers.

3.   Only Shopper Approved Merchants have the option of leaving Video testimonials, written and Product Reviews in one place.

4.   Shopper Approved allows you to take your reviews with you wherever you decide to go, so there’s no risk of “losing” your reviews.

5.   A huge advantage with Shopper Approved is that you can host reviews yourselves in your own format or through the Shopper Approved widget. This is a huge SEO advantage, as the reviews are indexed on your site, providing additional Organic Search ranking strength to your website.

Shopper Approved’s platform is easy to use, and highly customizable. Clients can easily set up their accounts and choose how to send reviews. Whether it’s after they complete a purchase, visit their Store or after they complete a service Shopper Approved has an easy way to collect reviews for all scenarios. Shopper Approved has customizable Questionnaires which are simple to use, designed to maximize the likelihood for a customer to leave a positive review. The Shopper Approved platform is extremely user friendly, making it easy to manage reviews, and reply to customers who left reviews via email directly from the platform.

Shopper Approved seamlessly syndicates your reviews to the top search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing. Merchant reviews are fed to Google Adwords and Google Shopping, while Product reviews are fed directly into Google Shopping and Product Listing ads. 5 star reviews are dynamically pushed to Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook boosting your Social Media presence.

Clients can choose any or all of the three products – Merchant Reviews and Product Reviews.

· Merchant Reviews collect reviews based on customer’s overall shopping experience.
· Product Reviews collect reviews based on individual products sold on the client’s website.

Are you looking for a review platform for your ecommerce website? Contact us to find out more about working with our partner ShopperApproved.