Syspro Integration

Brief Overview of Syspro

Syspro has been around since the late 70’s when brothers Phil and Chris Duff felt there was a need for accounting software. Since that time, the company has focused on developing software for manufacturing and distribution. Syspro currently operates in more than 60 countries and continues to help with managing business operations with accuracy. Included in their software offerings is a Syspro Magento integration.

Should I Integrate My Syspro Account to My Magento Store?

Managing the daily and long-term operations of your online store is essential to the success of your business. It’s also nearly impossible to do so properly without the use of software such as Syspro. That is where all the branches of your business are united in one place for easy access and streamlined operations. Connecting your Magento 2 store to that same place further unites and syncs all aspects of your business.

Integrating Syspro to your Magento (Adobe Commerce) store has a few more benefits such as: 

  • Reduction in the time spent on manual data entry and fewer errors.
  • All transactions and customer actions taken on your site will automatically transfer to Syspro, including the creation of new customers
  • Information flows both ways, all Syspro order and inventory status will be sent to your Magento store
  • Improve customer service with shared information on prices, stock availability and shipping options

How Can I Integrate Syspro with Magento?

We’ll do the heavy lifting! The team at 121eCommerce will connect your Syspro account to the backend of your Magento 2 store and then connect Magento to your Syspro account. All information will be automatically synced and updated between your ERP and eCommerce store. We’ll do all that without getting in your way, just carry on with business as usual.


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