Shopware – B2B focused  

Shopware is a leading open-source ecommerce platform that empowers merchants to build unique, scalable online stores. Trusted by over 52,000+ clients globally, Shopware provides flexible and comprehensive B2B solutions tailored for mid-market businesses. With robust features like Digital Sales Rooms and automated workflows, Shopware enables merchants to streamline complex B2B operations and deepen customer relationships, unlocking growth potential and delivering exceptional, personalized buying experiences.

An Ecommerce Platform for the B2B Mid-Market: 

Shopware is designed specifically to meet the intricate demands of B2B mid-market merchants. Our open-source platform provides scalable and flexible tools that cater to the unique complexities of B2B commerce, offering unparalleled personalization and efficiency. With Shopware, businesses can unlock their growth potential through automation, deep customer relationships, and seamless global expansion.

Why Choose Shopware for B2B?

  • Personalized Customer Engagement: Digital Sales Rooms empower sales reps to tailor product selections and promotions to clients’ specific needs.
  • Efficient Workflows: The Flow and Rule Builder automate intricate pricing and workflow structures for custom promotions and customer segmentation.
  • B2B-Specific Features: Advanced tools like tiered pricing, fast ordering, and approval workflows support the sophisticated relationships and buying processes unique to B2B commerce.
  • Global Scalability: Multi-language, multi-currency, and localized tax configurations ensure seamless international operations.
  • Robust Partner Network: Over 1,200 partners provide expert support and integrations for specialized B2B needs.

Digital Sales Rooms: 

Shopware’s Digital Sales Rooms offer a personalized, immersive shopping experience, designed to enhance customer engagement and streamline the sales process. This feature allows businesses to create custom digital spaces where they can showcase
products, interact with customers via live chat or video, and offer tailored product recommendations. By integrating seamlessly with existing ecommerce platforms, Digital Sales Rooms facilitate a more interactive and efficient sales journey, ultimately driving higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Customers using Digital Sales Rooms have seen:

  • 10x conversion rates
  • 50% shorter sales cycles
  • 30% savings in travel costs
  • 70% fewer returns

Advanced B2B Suite: 

Shopware’s Advanced B2B Suite is designed to cater to the complex needs of B2B businesses, offering comprehensive tools for managing customer-specific pricing, bulk ordering, and detailed approval workflows. This suite facilitates seamless integration
with existing systems, enhancing efficiency and providing a tailored shopping experience for B2B clients. Key features include flexible access controls, quick order forms, and robust analytics, enabling businesses to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Sales Agent: 

We’re thrilled to introduce the Sales Agent as part of our B2B capabilities – a sophisticated new feature set to transform the landscape of B2B interactions. Engineered to serve as a central platform, the Sales Agent empowers sales personnel
to monitor, evaluate, and act on operations with unprecedented ease. By streamlining the sales workflow, this innovative tool enhances operational efficiency, marking a significant leap forward in optimizing sales strategies.
Key advantages:

  • Unified sales management
  • Advancement in B2B digital interactions
  • Increased revenue per customer

Rule Builder and Flow Builder: 

Shopware’s Rule Builder and Flow Builder are powerful tools designed to enhance ecommerce automation. Rule Builder allows businesses to create and manage flexible business rules without any coding. This enables customized promotions, pricing, and
customer segmentation based on various conditions. Flow Builder automates complex business processes by defining workflows triggered by specific events. This feature simplifies operations by enabling the automation of tasks like order processing,
customer notifications, and inventory management.

AI Copilot: 

Shopware’s AI Copilot is an advanced feature designed to streamline ecommerce management through artificial intelligence. We are dedicated to developing AI tools, with over 20% of our technical resources allocated to this effort. AI Copilot assists businesses by automating tasks such as product categorization, personalized customer interactions, and dynamic pricing strategies. By leveraging AI, it provides actionable insights and recommendations, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency. This tool helps merchants save time and optimize their online store’s performance,
ultimately driving growth and improving customer satisfaction.
Customers using AI Copilot have seen:

  • 50% reduction of operating cost
  • 5+ business areas optimized


Shopware’s Subscriptions feature allows businesses to offer products and services on a recurring basis, providing a seamless subscription management system. This tool supports various subscription models, enabling flexible billing cycles, automatic renewals, and easy management of customer subscriptions. By integrating directly with the ecommerce platform, it ensures a smooth customer experience, enhances customer retention, and drives recurring revenue growth.

Spatial Commerce: 

Shopware’s Spatial Commerce feature revolutionizes the shopping experience by integrating 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. This innovative tool allows customers to visualize products in a real-world context, enhancing engagement and
decision-making. With Spatial Commerce, businesses can offer interactive 3D models and AR views of their products, providing a more immersive and informative shopping experience that boosts customer confidence and increases conversion rates.
This is why we invest in Spatial Commerce:

  • 70% fewer returns through the use of 3D visualization in Digital Sales Rooms
  • 57% of customers are more likely to buy from brands using AR
  • 200% increase in customer engagement with AR ecommerce experiences

Shopping Experiences: 

Shopware’s Shopping Experiences feature empowers businesses to create visually engaging and personalized storefronts without any coding knowledge. This intuitive tool allows for the easy design of custom pages, blending content and commerce seamlessly. By using drag-and-drop elements, businesses can craft unique and
immersive shopping journeys that captivate customers and enhance their online experience. Shopping Experiences supports dynamic content and interactive layouts, helping to boost customer engagement and drive sales.

Looking for a BigCommerce Developer? We’ve got you covered! 

121eCommerce has a team of developers that have been through Shopware’s training, and we are a Certified Partner of theirs. We’ve successfully launched sites on Shopware, and we know we can tackle your project!