The Lifeguard Store

The Situation:

The Lifeguard Store is a premier online retailer with a vast inventory of lifeguard gear, apparel, and equipment.

After two failed Magento 2 launches with an outside agency, they contacted Magento in desperation. Having a reputation as a rescue agency, Magento sent them to us to save the project.

The Solution:

Our Magento trained and certified developers dug into the code and fixed multiple integration issues with their back-end system that was causing the failed launches. In the process, we identified and resolved their performance issues. A mega-menu was implemented to organize their extensive 250,000+ product catalog. 

The Success:

The new Magento 2 site was launched within seven weeks without a hitch. Site speed went from 35 seconds to just five. And the new mega menu helped customers find specific products fast. Order management export has been streamlined and they’re thrilled with the performance of their new site.