The Situation:

Nutramedix has been supplying highly bio-available nutritional supplements to healthcare professionals and consumers since 1993.

Nutramedix was maintaining an aging, bug-ridden Magento 1 Open Source site that had been compromised to the point that they were afraid to take orders. Pile on top, that Magento 1 End of Life had reached End on Life, and you have a recipe for disaster.

It was time to move to Magento 2 for its security, speed, and added functionality. Only one problem. They wanted to get their Magento 2 site live before their biggest day of the year. Black Friday. That left us with a few short months to complete all development. No problem. We’ve dealt with tight deadlines before.

The Solution:

Nutramedix chose to stay on Open Source when migrating to Magento 2 to reduce costs of a license. But that also meant losing out on the deep set of B2B features and robust functionality that comes native to Magento Commerce.

To achieve a true B2B experience on Open Source, we helped them choose some great B2B extensions that mimicked many features of the B2B suite that comes native with Magento Commerce.

The Success:

We launched their new Magneto 2 Open Source site in time for Black Friday and it turned out to be their best sales day ever. They hit six figures in sales with just 58 SKUs. Their site is faster, safer, mobile-first, and a powerful search. Checkout time has been cut in half and they can now offer cross-sells and up-sells.

  • 50% Faster checkout
  • +60% Black Friday sales vs previous year
  • +8% Variance of hours: SOW vs launch