SuiteCommerce to
Magento Migration

The Situation:

Norscot has been around for over 50 years and is one of the top promotional products companies in the United States.

Their ERP was NetSuite so they naturally chose NetSuite’s eCommerce platform, SuiteCommerce to build their site on. However, even though SuiteCommerce is integrated with NetSuite, maintaining their eCommerce site was difficult. Even making small changes was cumbersome.

The entire backend was not user-friendly and required multiple logins to change multiple areas on a single page. Even the IT staff at Norscot were surprised at the high level of technical knowledge required to navigate the admin and make simple edits to the site.

Norscot maintains branded merchandise sites for some high-profile brands, including Harley Davidson, Chevrolet, GMC, and Bobcat. Creating these microsites on SuiteCommerce required heavy customization, outside developer involvement, and a heavy price tag. With plans to expand their eCommerce business, their current platform lacked the scalability and flexibility they needed.

The Solution:

When Max Wellestein, eCommerce and Digital Services Manager at Norscot, found Magento (Adobe Commerce), it was love at first sight.

Magento was the flexible, scalable, powerful eCommerce solution Norscot had been looking for. Making changes required no programming and microsites could be spun up quickly. Site visitors were delivered a personalized customer experience and in addition to the robust out-of-the-box functionality, Magento offered thousands of extensions to further expand the capabilities and meet the needs of Norscot’s eCommerce clients.


The Success:

After migrating to Magento, Norscot is now experiencing a vastly more efficient platform to operate on. The cost savings have been huge since instead of being forced to hire specialized outside developers for specific tasks, they can now handle nearly all website development internally with Magento’s easy-to-use, intuitive backend.

Creating new landing pages, product pages, and category pages take hours instead of days or weeks with Magento’s native drag-and-drop content development tool, Page Builder. The Norscot team can also create, schedule, and preview promotions right from the admin on a working replica of their site using Content Staging.

But the biggest win for Norscot has been the ability to stand up their microsites in record time. Their time-to-market has gone from months to days and now includes nationally-recognized brands such as: