Mission Restaurant Supply

The Situation:

Mission Restaurant Supply is a leading equipment and supply dealer for the foodservice industry. Providing products for restaurants, bars, bakeries, catering businesses, or commercial kitchens.

Mission Restaurant Supply was on Magento 1 and was frustrated with the lack of B2B functionality from this outdated platform version that hindered them from expanding their B2B business. The backend of Magento 1 was also cumbersome, non-intuitive, and requiring a large amount of time to manage. To top it off, Magento 1 end of life was fast-approaching and the company needed an experienced agency that was deeply versed in migrating M1 sites over to M2.

The Solution:

Having successfully completed more than 60 migrations, 121eCommerce was just right for the job. Our team familiarized themselves with Mission Restaurant Supply’s M1 site including its complex Minimum Advertising Price functionality, an essential component of the site. We completed the migration to M2 and revamped the site’s design. The new, user-friendly layout provides easy access to the full catalog, promotes seasonal products, and features top brand items. 

The Success:

We were able to seamlessly integrate multiple URL’s into one, easy-to-navigate site, making all customer information easily accessible from one location. In addition, our team successfully moved over the minimum advertised prices (MAP) functionality, allowing customers to receive product quotes via email and add the quoted lower price directly to their cart.