Formulator Sample Shop

The Situation:

Formulator Sample Shop (FSS) is a supplier of specialty ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industries.

They had been limping along on their Volusion site and their frustration had come to a breaking point due to multiple factors.

Volusion’s backend is not intuitive and their team had to dig around and use outside developer help to get the results they wanted. Although they wanted to build up their B2B business, they were handcuffed by Volusion since the platform has basically no dedicated B2B features. It’s meant to be used as primarily a B2C platform, and that’s reflected by its feature set. Although FSS wanted to increase their online catalog, again they faced a roadblock with Volusion’s product limits based on which plan you’re on.

Finally, adding features and functionality is limited with just 12 apps available in the Volusion Marketplace.

The Solution:

Adobe Commerce (Magento) Cloud checked all the boxes for FSS.

The backend is easy to use, intuitive, and making changes to the site can be done by a non-developer, saving FSS time and money.

A powerful B2B platform is native to the platform, offering many features, including custom catalogs and pricing, quotes, credit limits, ordering by SKU or CSV, and multichannel selling. All much-needed features for FSS’s growing B2B business.

FSS had already been through several developers so they were hesitant to engage with another one. However, we were able to placate their concerns with our track record of launches, streamlined, development process and expertise in Adobe Commerce which includes an Adobe-certified specialization in Adobe Commerce.

After onboarding the project, we had to migrate huge amounts of data. Although Adobe Commerce comes with a large set of out-of-the-box features and functionality, we still had to add some customizations. For example, because of their unique product setup, we had to change many simple products to configurable products.


The Success:

Adobe Commerce’s impressive B2B suite was just what FSS had been searching for. Shortly after launch, they went from taking orders over the phone and via email to an efficient, uncomplicated order process that increased their AOV, order frequency, decreased processing time.

Making changes to the site is now quickly accomplished with Page Builder, a simple drag-and-drop content management system where promotions and changes can be scheduled months in advance.

Product count became a non-issue with Adobe Commerce’s unlimited product catalog and to round out the project, we developed and implemented a fresh new design that FSS loved and helped elevate the brand’s image.

FSS is thrilled they have replatformed from Volusion to Adobe Commerce and are never looking back.