The Flodraulic Group

Project Overview:

The Flodraulic Group is a collection of companies throughout the United States, Italy, and Canada that provide a wide-range of pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical components, systems, assemblies and value-added services. Boasting an unparalleled number of technologies, markets and geographies, Flodraulic is most-certainly an industry leader when it comes to the markets they serve. When they originally reached out to us for assistance with their eCommerce build, they needed an eCommerce site to start selling parts online from their main distributor, SMC. This expansion to selling online also included branching into marketing to reach a larger audience locally and abroad.

Since Flodraulic did not have an eCommerce website previously, they also did not have a catalog structure, or SKUs for their products. That’s where we came in.

Success #1: Custom Built Integration

When we first started working with Flodraulic, they needed to integrate with SMC, the main supplier of their products. Flodraulic wanted to ensure that they had the most up-to-date product offerings without having to manually update each product individually. To help with this, our team created a custom integration to pull SMC’s inventory, product data (including images), and pricing into the Flodraulic website all while making it all Magento-friendly.

This integration isn’t a one-time-only check of the data from SMC; the integration checks SMC’s catalog daily for updates and pushes them when needed. By doing this, we helped Flodraulic ensure that they have the correct products and information without having to build files data manually which saves them time, and resources.

Having the SMC integration wasn’t enough to make sure their site was successful.

Since they were new to the eCommerce scene, we also helped them with implementing a part number lookup, along with an add to catalog feature to tie directly into Magento’s capabilities. On top of that, we built out the catalog structure for them, and helped create SKUs for their products to ensure that their site was set up for success. To expand this even further, our team created a search by SKU feature to help their customers find the parts they are needing with ease.


Success #2: Integration with Prophet 21:

Since Flodraulic has multiple locations throughout the world, we wanted to integrate them with an ERP system to help them better-manage their inventory and shipping. Simply put, they needed to be able to route orders by the customer’s location for maximum efficiency. We integrated them with Prophet 21, and helped with not only the setup, but the adjusting of the shipping logic to best-fit their business’ needs as orders came in. By integrating them with this ERP system, it helped cut down on wait times for fulfillment of orders, and operational costs from sending orders from a location further away. And most-importantly, it increased customer satisfaction with orders being shipped in a timely manner.

Another key benefit of integrating Flodraulic with Prophet 21 is to help inventory management. As their inventory differs from location to location, or team ensured that each location’s inventory was accurately reflected in their ERP to make sure nothing was ever out of stock, or misrepresented.

Success #3: Increased revenue and customer satisfaction:

Flodraulic has seen an increase in revenue of over $30,000 since launching their site in April. With a steady stream of orders coming through, and a reliable website with great fulfillment, their customers have been extremely happy with the results thus far.