The Situation:

Clemtex is a manufacturer and distributor of corrosion control equipment and supplies. They sell tens of thousands of products from multiple vendors.

Their previous developer created a new Adobe Commerce site but Clemtex refused to launch it because pages were loading so slowly (around 10 seconds).

They were also plagued with many other problems, both on the backend and frontend, including:

  • Homepage slider banner was broken in the backend.
  • Anytime a category is updated, the image is erased.
  • Request for quote functionality not working.
  • Prices showing when they should be hidden.
  • Search functionality not working properly.
  • Shopping cart not listing items.

Their goal was to drive more sales through their website instead of forcing customers to call in their orders. However, since the developer couldn’t fix the site speed issue, Clemtex went searching for a new developer to get their site launched and tackle their wishlist.

The Solution:

The first step in upgrading Clemtex to the latest version of Adobe Commerce was to perform an audit of all their third-party extensions. After we determined which extensions would remain and which would be replaced with native functionality in their upgraded platform, we started the process of upgrading their website

We knocked out their wishlist and resolved all their bugs, glitches, and errors that were causing problems both on the backend and frontend.


The Success:

After months of delays with their previous web developer, we launched Clemtex’s all new eCommerce website on the latest version of Adobe Commerce in just under four months.

Clemtex customers can now place orders on a fast, easy-to-use, mobile-first website. We added custom functionality to process equipment rental requests and we implemented the ability for customers to submit a quote before purchasing.

Searching for products has been simplified and expanded with filtered navigation and customers can now request a quote directly from the website.

With a cleaned up backend, they can now manage all aspects of their storefront with ease. Site speed has been greatly improved and performance metrics are up across the board.

Only a short time after their launch, Clemtex’s new eCommerce division has already greatly impacted their overall revenue.