KWI Integration

A Brief Introduction to KWI

KWI was started in 1985 by then 19-year-old Sam Kliger. As the story goes for many software companies, Kliger developed his SaaS platform to solve a problem he personally experienced. In this case, it was long lines at a fashion store. So KWI was born to provide retailers with a solution for operations management. Since that time, KWI has continued to grow its software offerings with a focus on providing retailers what they need. Today, KWI Magento integration is one of the many solutions available from the company.

Do I Need to Connect KWI to My Magento Store?

Connecting your CRM with your Magento 2 store is always a good idea. Solid customer management and communication is a key factor in retaining current customers and attracting new shoppers. In order to successfully do so, you need to have a deep understanding of who your customers are, how they interact with your store, and what they want. Integrating your CRM and your store will give you that understanding by providing one central location for all customer data.

Some of the benefits you can expect with a KWI Magento integration:

  • Complete profiles as all actions taken by customers on your Magento site are synced and shared with KWI.
  • Clean and accurate data with automatic removal of duplicate entries.
  • You will have access to comprehensive reporting on your customers and site in order to gain greater insight and make fully informed decisions.
  • Precisely target customer segments with relevant and personalized campaigns.

We Can Help Integrate KWI and Magento!

The 121eCommerce team can take care of your KWI integration with Magento 2. We will connect your KWI account with the backend of your Magento 2 store and allow for data to be shared between the two. It can be setup and quickly and with little to no interruption to your online store. Once the two platforms are connected, data will be synced to and from. This can be done automatically or you can let us know which data to sync. We’re here to help you successfully manage your customer info!


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