TaxJar Integration

Overview of Taxjar

TaxJar was started in 2013 by Mark Faggiano as a provider of cloud-based tax software solution. Faggiano’s background is in the corporate world, but he stepped away from that in 2000 to work at starting his own company. He started several companies since then with TaxJar standing out as the most successful by far. The company continued to grow and expand from its inception and in April 2021, TaxJar was acquired by Stripe. Presently the company is still providing tax services, including a Magento integration with TaxJar.

Why Should I Connect TaxJar to My Magento Store?

Taxes. Time-consuming, detailed, and unavoidable. For an online merchant, accurately collecting, reporting, and paying sales taxes also requires current knowledge of many tax districts. Luckily there are software solutions, such as TaxJar, that help with managing and completing this side of an online business. Connecting TaxJar to your Magento store will synch all data around your stores’ orders and transactions, and set up automation to complete the burdensome tasks associated with sales taxes.

A Magento integration with TaxJar, all steps involved in dealing with taxes is taken care of, including:

  • Your Magento store tax settings will be set up with TaxJar, along with address validation.
  • All city/county sales tax will be accurately calculated and collected daily so you will always know how much sales tax is due.
  • You will be able to access up-to-date reporting on your Magento store’s taxes, how much was collected, and how much is owed, all broken down by location and tax districts.
  • TaxJar will also automatically file a sales tax return so you don’t have to deal with that yourself.

What Steps are Involved in a Magento Integration with TaxJar?

121eCommerce will take care of all steps involved in connecting your store with TaxJar. Our Magento experts will access the backend of your site and sync TaxJar to it, all without negatively impacting your site’s performance. Once that is done all order information from Magento 2 will be shared with TaxJar in real-time and you will be able to go back to doing the things you love. Like bringing in new customers and increasing sales!

Need Help With Your Magento Tax Solution Integration?

We specialize in Magento maintenance and support and are standing by. Reach out now to speak to one of our data specialists and we’ll ensure a smooth and proper installation of Magento TaxJar integration.


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