SkuVault Integration


Brief Overview of SkuVault

SkuVault was started in 2011 by Andy Eastes and Slava Ivanyuk. Like many software systems that came before it, SkuVault came about when Eastes and Ivanyuk were unable to find existing software that met their business needs. So the two set out to create one. SkuVault is aimed at helping eCommerce merchants manage warehouse and inventory levels with precise data.

Why You Should Integrate SkuVault to Your Magento Store

Inventory stock and warehouse management are tied to customer satisfaction, operation costs, and overall sales. When you do it right, customers get their orders quickly, the ship runs smoothly, and you sell more stuff! SkuVault is designed to make all of that happen. Connecting SkuVault to your Magento 2 store will give you a complete picture of your inventory amounts in real-time and allow you to make updates or changes quickly.

Some of the additional benefits of SKUVault include: 

  • Comprehensive reporting that allows you to make well-informed decisions
  • Real-time updates of inventory levels to prevent overselling
  • Fewer errors with SkuVault’s Quality Control that detects problems before they become problems
  • Ensures inventory levels remain steady during special promotions and site sales

We Can Help Integrate SkuVault with Magento!

Do you have questions about integrating SkuVault with your Magento 2 store or need someone to take care of it for you? The data team at 121eCommerce can help you out! We can answer any questions you may have and can connect the backend of your Magento store to SkuVault quickly so you can gain full control of inventory and warehouse management.



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