Need to connect your back-end accounting system with your Magento store? Want more business with big-box partners, but don’t know how to meet their EDI requirements? We have two words for you: API integration. Here are two more: Oh yeah.

Seamless order entry automation

With an API integration, your backend systems and Magento store can “talk” to each other. Without you having to say a word.

Sales orders, inventory levels, product data, shipping updates, and customer information move seamlessly. Data is shared securely, quickly and accurately.

With a seamless, API integration, you can automate repetitive order management tasks, speed up order processing times and delight customers.

API integrations with over 30 ERP systems

We can connect your Magento store with most major ERPs:

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Free up time to grow your business.

By connecting your ERP and Magento store, you can eliminate manual data entry once and for all. That will grant you a most precious gift…time. Time to focus on growing your business.

You can rest easy knowing you have a solution set up to process your data without the need for human intervention. (Not that we don’t love human intervention. We do! Just not when it comes to data entry.)

API Integrations

From Magento to your ERP

  • Sales orders
  • Purchase order receipt
  • Customer update
  • Product update

From your ERP to Magento

  • Inventory quantities
  • Shipping details
  • Product data
  • Invoices
  • Purchase order export
  • Advanced shipping notice (ASN)
  • Sales order change acknowledgment
  • Warehouse receiving advice