eCommerce Marketing Services

Our digital marketing services drive value and business. 

Are you tired of working with digital marketing agencies that convince you to dump money into paid advertising, and say, “it’s working, trust us?” 121eCommerce offers marketing services that help drive value to you, and help your business grow. We don’t believe in dumping loads of your hard-earned revenue into paid advertising, and hoping for the best. With our experience in both Magento and BigCommerce, we know how to get the most out of each platform when it comes to marketing your business. Below are the full services we can offer your business to help you not only get noticed online, but sell more too.

121eComerce's Marketing Services:

eCommerce SEO

Whether it’s on page updates, meta description updates, updating title tags, or working on enhancing product descriptions, we’ve got you covered! Our team can continuously work with you to help you improve your search rankings.

Email marketing and campaigns

Looking to re-engage users from abandoned carts, or do a winback campaign? Our team can help you drive more business through email outreach. If you’re looking into a new email platform, we can help you with that too!

Content Personalization

Your customers want to feel special, and we can help you do just that. From helping deliver personalized offers, to targeting specific clients for re-engagement, we can help you drive more sales online.

Website Audits

Not sure if your site is performing to its fullest potential? We will audit your site and help provide a plan of attack to help improve its performance, and the core web vitals Google looks for.

Marketing Consultation

Not knowing where to start with marketing your business is difficult. Our team of experts can offer consultative services on how to market your business and where. If you’re not sure if your current agency partner is performing, our team can audit their campaigns and give you a no-B.S. assessment as well.

Other eCommerce Data Management Services:

Data Scraping

Whether you’re missing just a few pieces of product info or need all of it, our data scraping technology can help you fill in the gaps.

We can gather info from:

  • Brand/Manufacturer websites
  • Competitor websites
  • Marketplaces (may have limitations)*
We can gather info from thousands of URLs simultaneously. We can also refine the gathering parameters. For example, we can look for only the SKU or brand name. All we need is an info source and we’ll take care of the rest.

Drop-Shipping Inventory Automation

Input multiple data sources – including multiple brand and multiple SKUs – into your inventory system with our drop-shipping inventory automation services. Regardless of the format the data comes to you, we can transform it into a format you can use to update your inventory in your Magento storefront. Think of it as a server automation tool.

Custom-Built Data Solutions

We can map out and build out a custom-data solution tool for your unique use case. Perfect for B2C or B2B, our custom-built data solutions can help you automate the data you have and gain efficiencies.

Data Consulting

If you prefer to do all the heavy lifting in-house, no problem. We have an on-staff data solutions expert that can offer consulting services, provide you with the solution and the instructions to implement it on your own.

Why choose 121eCommerce?

It’s simple, really. 

We have been in your shoes before and have heard countless stories about marketing campaigns that drive vanity metrics without results. Rather than give you nothing to build off of, our team will work to drive you more conversions on your site focusing on the metrics that matter.

Let’s help you market your business!