eCommerce Data Management and Data Augmentation Services

If your product catalog lacks detail or is underdeveloped in terms of content, our data augmentation and management services can help fill in the blanks, including:

  • Product Titles & Descriptions
  • Images
  • GTIN/UPC Codes
  • Attributes or Variants
  • Features or Bullet Points

eCommerce Data Management Services from 121eCommerce:

File Extraction

If your product information exists in files, spreadsheets, on another server, or in the cloud, we can create and automate processes to get, move, and read your data to get it where it needs to go into your Magento backend.

Data Transformation

You have data, but the formatting isn’t correct. Maybe it needs to be changed, cleaned, converted, appended, crosschecked, or even deleted before processing and loading into Magento or another system.

Data Loading

The finalized process of all data-related jobs is the loading and this can be the most difficult. We build out customized automated processes to load your refined data into Magento or ERP systems.

Manual Transcription

Using print catalogs, manufacturer sites, and other sources, we can transcribe the product information manually into your Magento backend. While highly accurate, this could be a very lengthy and costly process.

Other eCommerce Data Management Services:

Data Scraping

Whether you’re missing just a few pieces of product info or need all of it, our data scraping technology can help you fill in the gaps.

We can gather info from:

  • Brand/Manufacturer websites
  • Competitor websites
  • Marketplaces (may have limitations)*
We can gather info from thousands of URLs simultaneously. We can also refine the gathering parameters. For example, we can look for only the SKU or brand name. All we need is an info source and we’ll take care of the rest.

Drop-Shipping Inventory Automation

Input multiple data sources – including multiple brand and multiple SKUs – into your inventory system with our drop-shipping inventory automation services. Regardless of the format the data comes to you, we can transform it into a format you can use to update your inventory in your Magento storefront. Think of it as a server automation tool.

Custom-Built Data Solutions

We can map out and build out a custom-data solution tool for your unique use case. Perfect for B2C or B2B, our custom-built data solutions can help you automate the data you have and gain efficiencies.

Data Consulting

If you prefer to do all the heavy lifting in-house, no problem. We have an on-staff data solutions expert that can offer consulting services, provide you with the solution and the instructions to implement it on your own.