Digital Marketing Services

Introducing Focused ROI

121eCommerce, an Adobe Gold Solution Partner eCommerce development agency, has opened a sister agency focusing on Digital Marketing. The new agency, Focused ROI, will offer a variety of digital services, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and pay per click (PPC). In addition, Focused ROI also offers website audits/optimization and other various marketing services to help its customers’ businesses grow.

121eComerce's Marketing Services:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Be found. By optimizing your website for both users and search engines, we increase your visibility on SERPs to bring qualified traffic through the organic channel and in crease revenue. We know that true SEO does not exist by focusing only on your website meeting best practices, so we are constantly monitoring competitors to make sure your site is a step ahead.

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SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Increase clicks and decrease spend to meet your revenue and ROI goals. Crafted to bring qualified leads, our ex pert search campaign strategies promise noteworthy conversion rate growth.
Trillions of searches happen every year across Google, Bing, and more. We help you capitalize on this traffic with best-in-class campaign design, management, and reporting. Whatever your goal, we’ll help you score. Learn More

Email Marketing

Maximize your customer base with an efficient and creative email plan. We partner with dotDigital to offer campaign strategy, as well as email creation, day-to-day program management and analytics to increase click through rates and decrease bounce rates.
*We work with any email platform you may be using.

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Website Audits

A marketing audit with our team focuses on compiling data, gathering information about your business; pain points, strengths, gaps, competitors and more. From there, we find what is working, what isn’t, how to optimize each channel, discover new opportunities, and provide a roadmap to meet your goals and objectives for success.

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Analytics and Data Reporting

Data based decision making is the only way to go. Let our team ensure your website is properly tracking customer behavior so that you can make strategic plans. We will monitor your traffic, build custom reports and KPIs to help you meet your goals.

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Social Media

As experts in LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms, our paid social campaigns do more than increase brand awareness. We offer intelligent campaign set up, audience targeting, ad testing and development, and savvy bidding to maximize results.

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Convert customers with our effective digital remarketing campaigns that span social and the web. We build bidding strategies with cutting edge, interactive campaigns that effectively bring interested users back to your site to close the sale.

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Page Speed Optimization

Page speed and site speed both relate to how quickly the content on your website loads, but there is a technical difference between the two terms. Site speed is a measurement of how quickly your whole website loads. It’s calculated by taking the average page speed for a sample of page views on your site.

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Customer Experience/UX/CRO

Focused ROI initiates powerful strategies and a breadth of design and architecture avenues to optimize the user experience with a focus on conversion rate optimization that drives revenue and increases profit.

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Rescue/Agency Transition

Are your current campaigns in need of a major overhaul? Do your email campaigns need revamping? Email list segmentation? Are you unhappy with the results you are getting from your current marketing agency? Focused ROI will make your transition as easy as possible.


Launch/Pre-launch Services

Are you ready to launch new marketing campaigns? Launching a new website? New brand strategy? Focused ROI offers pre-launch packages as well as launch services to get your site off on the right track.

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Other eCommerce Data Management Services:

Data Scraping

Whether you’re missing just a few pieces of product info or need all of it, our data scraping technology can help you fill in the gaps.

We can gather info from:

  • Brand/Manufacturer websites
  • Competitor websites
  • Marketplaces (may have limitations)*
We can gather info from thousands of URLs simultaneously. We can also refine the gathering parameters. For example, we can look for only the SKU or brand name. All we need is an info source and we’ll take care of the rest.

Drop-Shipping Inventory Automation

Input multiple data sources – including multiple brand and multiple SKUs – into your inventory system with our drop-shipping inventory automation services. Regardless of the format the data comes to you, we can transform it into a format you can use to update your inventory in your Magento storefront. Think of it as a server automation tool.

Custom-Built Data Solutions

We can map out and build out a custom-data solution tool for your unique use case. Perfect for B2C or B2B, our custom-built data solutions can help you automate the data you have and gain efficiencies.

Data Consulting

If you prefer to do all the heavy lifting in-house, no problem. We have an on-staff data solutions expert that can offer consulting services, provide you with the solution and the instructions to implement it on your own.