Salsify Integration

Salsify opened its doors in 2012 after its three co-founders felt a gap in the eCommerce space when it came to delivering product content to customers. Jason Purcell, along with Jeremy Redburn and Rob Gonzalez, set out to create a tech software company that would allow for better product communication between online retailers and shoppers. And in the years since, they have done just that. Salsify has seen steady growth since its inception a mere decade ago. It now offers a full solution for online sellers to manage and update all product information from one place and can connect to your store with a Salsify Magento integration.

How can I Connect My Salsify Account to my Magento Store?

Product management is a time-consuming task for an eCommerce manager, yet its vital to maintain accuracy across your site when it comes to product pages, listings, and organization. Proper management can lead shoppers to the products they want and improper management can ultimately turn them away. So using a PIM like Salsify to manage all of that only makes sense. And connecting your Magento store to that PIM also makes sense. This will make sure all data is synched back and forth and you only need to update one time and in one place.

Some of the benefits you can expect with a Salsify Magento integration:

  • Ensure accurate product information is displayed across all channels.
  • Create product data from one place that can be accessed and used by multiple departments including sales, customer service, and marketing.
  • Opens your Magento store up to even more attributes and categories as well as 3-d models and images so customers can really make informed buying decisions.
  • Easily make changes and updates based on customer trends and demands.

We Can Help You Integrate Salsify to Magento

The team at 121eCommerce is equipped and ready to connect your Salsify PIM account to your Magento 2 store backend. Once integrated all product information from your Magento store will synch with Salsify and continue to update both in real-time with any future changes. Synching of data can be all at once or based on what specific data you want to be shared.

121eCommerce has worked with almost all major PIM’s and can easily and quickly integrate Salsify to your Magento store so you can start experiencing the benefits of a seamless PIM.


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