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B2B eCommerce Workshop


January 30th, 2020


6161 Oak Tree Blvd
Independence, OH 44131


7:30 am - 8:00 am Registration / breakfast / networking

8:00 am - 12:00 am Sessions


$55 Manufacturing Works Members

$105 Non Members


During this workshop, you’ll gain insider knowledge from industry experts on what B2B eCommerce is, and why you need to get online…now. Or get left behind.

You’ll learn about available platforms, their cost and what it takes to connect a new B2B website to your current back-office systems (no matter how old or complex they are). You’ll also see how a well-built B2B site can increase your revenue, reduce costs and create smoother order processing.

Plus, you’ll discover the power of inbound marketing and walk away with proven strategies that can take your B2B website to the next level and transform it into a powerful lead-generation tool for your business.

Whether you have a B2B website or not, this is one workshop you don’t want to miss.

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SESSION I / Overview of B2B eCommerce today

8:00 am – 9:00 am


Ben Chafetz, CEO of 121eCommerce and Ryan Lunka, of nChannel

The opening session will present a general overview of what B2B eCommerce is, what it’s not and why every manufacturer needs to have a plan to get online or get left behind.

Attendees will learn about the three most common B2B myths, the three most common B2B objections and what integration looks like (no matter how old your system is).

SESSION II: How Magento enables transformation for B2B organizations competing in a digital world

9:00 am – 9:45 am

Brian Maggio, Senior Field Sales Executive at Magento
Cole Waldron, Sales Director at Magento.

In this session, Brian Maggio and Cole Waldron of Magento , an Adobe Company will provide an overview of the Magento Commerce platform, it’s position in the marketplace and share stories of how Magento has helped enable B2B organizations of all sizes to more effectively compete by offering today’s buyers an experience that meets their demands.

Break: 9:45-10:00

Session III: Acquiring new customers: Inbound marketing and eCommerce – the 1-2 punch

10:00 am – 11:00 am

Chris Peer, President and CEO of SyncShow

In this session, Chris Peer, CEO of SyncShow, will present on how manufacturers are acquiring new customers and markets through inbound marketing. Attendees will learn what inbound marketing is, how inbound marketing works and how other manufacturers are driving business growth.

Session IV: Fireside chat

11:00 am – 11:40 am

Ben Chafetz, CEO of 121eCommerce
Paul Firestine, former IT Operations Senior Manager of Omix-ADA

Our last session will feature an informal “fireside chat” with Ben Chafetz and one of his clients as they discuss their B2B journey. What their online business looked like before implementing an eCommerce platform, what it looked life after and what they learned along the way.

Q&A Panel Session

11:40 am – 12:00 pm

Presenter Bios

Ben Chafetz
Ben Chafetz has over two decades of eCommerce experience and is the founder and CEO and driving force behind 121eCommerce, a B2B and B2C web development company based in Cleveland Heights, OHIO.

After growing a leading online toner and office supply business from zero to $80 million, Ben founded 121eCommerce in 2014. What started as a fledgling company of 5 has grown rapidly to almost 50.

Ben has extensive experience working with manufacturers and brick-and-mortar retailers looking to sell online.

In 2019 his company was named Best Tech Services Company at OHTech’s Best of Tech Awards.


Chris Peer
Chris Peer is the president and CEO of SyncShow, a leading digital marketing and sales improvement firm focused on helping B2B Manufacturers increase brand awareness, attract new customers and land more business.

Chris is also responsible for fostering an organizational culture that makes SyncShow one of Cleveland’s best places to work. Chris has more than 20 years experience in digital marketing strategy, eCommerce and communication consultancy. Chris works with clients to develop results-based online marketing to drive brand awareness and sales growth.

Brian Maggio
Brian Maggio is a Senior Field Sales Executive at Magento. He is a successful Sales Executive with over 10 years of focused Sales and Client Management experience. Before joining Adobe, Brian spent 4 years at Pitney Bowes selling the Borderfree platform as well as fulfillment, delivery, and returns for D2C eCommerce brands.  He also spent time at a competing platform company to Magento, selling website/Intranet development and Online store development services.

Cole Waldron
Cole Waldron is a Sales Director at Magento. He’s been at Magento for two and a half years. His background is in Commerce, ERP and human capital management. Before joining Magento, he worked at NetSuite and workday.

Paul Firestine
Paul Firestine is the former IT Operations Senior Manager at Omix-ADA, the largest privately owned Jeep Parts & Accessories manufacturer in the World.

In his eight years at Omix-ADA, he managed everything relating to technology, product data, social marking & online consumer interactions. During his tenure, he was able to more than double their online sales.