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Trafera: A Successful Magento 1.9 to Adobe Commerce Migration!

Trafera is a classroom tech supplier that helps K-12 schools get modern educational technology to help students learn in the classroom, specializing in Chromebooks, tech support services, and professional development.

Pretty amazing, right? 

One of their biggest challenges was migrating from Magento 1.9, as their current site was, “limping along,” and they turned to Adobe for some assistance. As their conversations with Adobe moved forward, Trafera realized it was time to make the jump to Adobe Commerce, and needed a partner to help them along the way. 

That’s where we stepped in, and helped them get their new Adobe Commerce site live! 

Launching Their Site:

With phase one of Trafera’s launch, we were able to help them create custom portal pages for customers, helping the overall user experience on their website. 

We integrated their ERP (CSI) into their new Adobe Commerce site, which helped with the creation of the customer dashboards they needed. 

We were able to create (and customize!) a lot of customer dashboards to show to the customers all their information stored in the ERP, not only from orders generated in Adobe but also from their historical orders, invoices, warranties, and more information. 

Above the successful launch of their site, the below testimonial meant so much to us with the launch of their site. 

Client Testimonial:

I wanted to talk about various other web projects I’ve worked on in the past and the differences that set 121ecommerce apart. 

I appreciate the visibility you provide into exactly what’s being worked on each week, as well as how nice it is to make weekly payments based on the work performed rather than having to have the entire scope of the project locked-in at the beginning. 

Most importantly (to me), I was able to share my appreciation for the outstanding moral character Daniel leads 121eCommerce with, and that everyone on our project genuinely cares about the results and takes pride in what we’re creating.

In Conclusion:

We are so humbled to receive feedback like the above. It truly gives us a “pat on the back” that we are going above and beyond for our clients.  

We are so happy that Trafera has been extremely happy with their website, and are looking into growing as we are officially into the school year. 

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