Mailchimp Integration

History of Mailchimp

Mailchimp, now one of the top email marketing software companies out there, was founded by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzuis in 2001.  Mailchimp was born out of a need the co-founders saw in the clients they were serving in their web design company.  Clients were asking if there was an easy way to send emails. As it happened, Ben Chestnut already had some basic code for this sort of thing that he had written when attempting to develop a digital greeting card service. Although Chestnut and Kurzuis officially launched their email automation product in 2001, it wasn’t until 2007 that the two decided to shut down the web design part of their company and focus solely on email marketing. Despite facing steep competition and irritated consumers being inundated with spam, Mailchimp became what it is today.

Should You Connect Mailchimp to Your Magento Store?

At first glance, it may not seem necessary to connect email marketing automation with your eCommerce store. But doing so will make internal processes run smoother and can lead to greater customer loyalty and sales. Reaching out to and maintaining communication with new and returning customers is an important part of growing your business. And your Magento 2 store is your business. Integrating Mailchimp with your Magento store will ensure easy access to all customer data needed. So you can continue to stay in touch with loyal customers and create lasting, profitable relationships.

A Mailchimp integration with Magento can provide the following benefits:

  • Mailchimp can “know” what actions your customers are taking on your Magento site and will automatically send out emails based on these actions. For example: customer buys a specific product and is then sent an email with suggestions of similar items they might like.
  • Easily set up and deploy abandoned cart emails.
  • Track all your marketing efforts, measure the success, and make tweaks as necessary.

How We Integrate Mailchimp and Your Magento Store

It’s quick and easy and we can get it done without causing disruption to your workday. We will sync all data from your Mailchimp account with your Magento store. This is done by adding an API key and creating a new Mailchimp store in Magento and connecting it. From there you can tell us the specifics of what data you want synced between the two platforms and we will make sure only that data is shared.

121eCommerce has worked with almost all major email marketing platforms and can easily and quickly integrate Mailchimp to your Magento store so you can start experiencing the benefits of seamless email marketing automation.


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