EnterWorks Integration

The (Surprisingly Interesting) History of EnterWorks PIM

Today EnterWorks offers leading PIM software, but its origins began in the public sector.  Sounds boring, but it’s not. EnterWorks launched in 1998 with the idea of creating a singular platform for intelligence data and information. Back then there was no solution for government agencies who needed to unify various systems and reports and be able to quickly generate important reports. EnterWorks provided exactly that- one source for all the super-duper top-secret government intelligence. EnterWorks really did provide a much-needed system that was able to not only store all information in one accessible place but also gathered information and reports on global threats and emerging trends.

EnterWorks took that software and expanded out of government and into the world of manufacturing in the early 2000s. The software that served the government’s intelligence firms now offered to do the same for consumer companies that needed a centralized source for all product information.

Benefits of Connecting EnterWorks with Magento

As an eCommerce merchant, managing product data accurately and efficiently is vital to delivering excellent service and streamlining business operations. An EnterWorks PIM integration with your Magento store makes it simple to do just that.

  • EnterWorks allows for unlimited data attributes
  • You can manage complex relationships between hierarchies, categories, and products with a PIM integration
  • Better management and collaboration between technical teams and operations as well as both internal and external users

We Can Help Integrate EnterWorks With Your Magento Store

The data team at 121eCommerce can help you improve product data management by integrating EnterWorks to your Magento 2 store. We can easily connect the two and sync product data. And we are always standing by to answer any integration questions you may have!


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