Retailops Integration

Overview of RetailOps

RetailOps was started in 2011 as the flagship product of gudTECH, Inc. It was started by Sam Moses and Daniel Norman who had previously worked together for an apparel company before starting their own company. Starting out with just a handful of employees, RetailOps has grown over the past decade and is available today as a Magento integration.

Why Should I Connect my Magento Store to RetailOps?

Running an online business means juggling several systems, platforms, and departments to ensure that all daily tasks are taken care of and to plan for the future. Each of these systems and platforms is necessary and yet it’s also tedious to operate them all at once. It means you have to go login to each, update any data and do the same updating in the next system. RetailOps connects to your Magento store and updates all data across your eCommerce business.

What are some of the other benefits of RetailOps’ Magento integration? Other benefits include:

  • Reduced time spent on duplicate data management and reduced human error as well
  • Immediate updates on orders, shipping, and inventory
  • Can work with all types of business models and order fulfillment requirements
  • Provides comprehensive analysis and reporting on performance and sales

We Can Help Integrate RetailOps to your Magento 2 Store!

The team at 121eCommerce is here to answer any questions you have about a RetailOps Magento integration or help you set it up for your Magento 2 store! We can connect RetailOps to the backend of your site and start syncing data between the various systems you have in use. You will not experience any disruption to your site and we ensure a quick installation.


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