Avalara Integration


Overview of Avalara

Avalara was started in 2004 by Scott McFarlane, Jared R. Vogt, and Rory Rawlings in Seattle. The three co-founders all had past history and experience with entrepreneurial companies and tech startups. In the years since Avalara first opened its doors it has grown to over 1500 employees and has offices in six countries. Aided by multiple acquisitions as well as changes to state tax laws, the company continues to increase its revenue each year. Their tax solutions aim to help any type of business or industry in any country. The software is capable integrating with a myriad of systems including Avalara’s integration with Magento.

Do I Need to Connect Magento to My Avalara Account?

Proper management of and adherence to tax compliance is one of the more tedious aspects of running an eCommerce business, but no less important. It demands a lot of time and attention to detail as well as deep knowledge of the ins and outs of the tax code. Most eCommerce merchants make use of solutions such as Avalara to help deal with this side of running a business. Integrating your Avalara tax account to your Magento store will further help you by synching relevant data and automating tasks that would otherwise use valuable time.

Reasons to integrate Avalara with Magento:

  • Ease the time-consuming task of filing taxes as Avalara will deal with state and local municipalities requiring you to fill in tax information one time only and submit one payment.
  • Takes the headache out of keeping up with all the tax codes of every state that affects your business, leave that up to Avalara.
  • Ensures greater accuracy of tax charges based on location with advanced address validation.
  • Shipping to other countries? don’t worry about customs and import taxes as they will be precisely calculated and charged at checkout.

How Do I Integrate Avalara with My Magento Store?

Avalara will take care of all your tax-related eCommerce needs, and 121eCommerce will take care of your integration needs. We can connect Avalara’s tax solution to the backend of your Magento store with ease, you’ll hardly even know we were there! We will sync the customer and order information from Magento 2 with Avalara so information can be shared back and forth in real-time. Your staff will have more time to focus on growing your business and your customers will be happy that all orders are charged accurately with no surprise add-on tax fees.


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