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Whether you’re looking to launch a new automotive parts eCommerce website or want to upgrade your current one, we have a fully-loaded set of automotive eCommerce tools that can increase your sales.

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Everything You Need for Your Automotive eCommerce Website

Native YMM Lookup

Other platforms require you to find and invest in plugins that are very limited in functionality and require constant updates and maintenance.

Our YMM part finder is built right into your eCommerce platform. It allows you limitless capabilities to manage products with multiple levels of configuration. You can break down products by YMM, trim levels, engine size, VIN numbers and more.

You can have multiple part lookups or finders for different categories. It also has an integrated solution for universal products that fit most models.

Use Case: You want your wheel and tire category to be managed by bolt patterns and sizes, or ring and pinions, or by gear ratios. Our YMM lookup tool can be customized for such a scenario. No problemo.

VIN Lookup

With VIN Lookup, your customers can be confident they’re shopping for the right parts for their vehicle.

Dropship Integration

Our platform can integrate seamlessly with any of your distributors or wholesalers to quickly and accurately ship out your dropship orders. Our dropship integration includes product info, inventory, Orders, and more.

Fitment and EPID Integration

We have multiple ways to get part fitment compatibility information into your automotive eCommerce parts website so you can be assured your fitment and EPID integration will not only be done, but will be done correctly.

With our fitment integration, you will be able to provide your customers with vehicle-specific parts for any vehicle. Hands down.

Advanced Parts Search

Search by any field stored on the product, including custom fields (e.g., brand, MPN, catalog fitment, etc.).

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Kits and Bundles

Easily create product bundles (e.g., 4 tires) or kits that include multiple items (e.g, wheel and tire set). You can set the availability based on a direct, automated integration with one or more distributors or manually set stock levels.

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Catalog Data Integrations

We can integrate with your website with ASAP, DCI and SDC catalogs, along with fitment matching from MyFitment, to give you access to over 1.5 million parts, including descriptions, fitment, feature points, images, eBay categories and more. We can also match parts to Amazon ASINs when available.

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Data Management

With over 20 years of automotive eCommerce experience, we know the ins and outs of ACES/PIES and can guide you through securing brand data.

Auto Parts eCommerce Data Management Services:

  • File Extraction
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Loading
  • Manual Transcription

Visit our Data Management page for more info.

Hundreds of Product Attributes

For auto parts, product attributes of brand, size, and color just won’t cut it. Finish, bolt-pattern, mounting, material, and gear ratio are also important. Unfortunately, other platforms limit the number of product attributes you can have. Not with us.

Our eCommerce platform can handle hundreds of product attributes to make product finding and product filtering as easy as possible for your customers.

Brand Management

For catalogs with multiple brands, we have just the solution. Our in-house brand management tool allows you to connect multiple products under one brand and search for similar products by brand. You can also set up brand pages, link to brands from product pages and show similar products from other brands with ease.

  • Schematics

    If a customer doesn’t know the name of a product, a schematic of that section of the vehicle can make the process much easier. 

    With our custom-built Part Schematic extension, customers can easily choose the right product from a detailed schematic.

    Model Specific Schematics

    Schematics can be displayed as an entire vehicle or a specific part of a vehicle. Models can be displayed alone or grouped together with other similar schematics.

  • schematic - automotive ecommerce
  • Interactive Schematics

    When a customer chooses a schematic but needs help locating the right part, they can select hotspots on the schematic that will display a photo of the product. They can then navigate directly to the product page from that hotspot.


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Client Praise

“The main reason we wanted to migrate to a new platform was to bring our biggest revenue-generating product, Autosoft check printing, in-house. Our current platform couldn’t handle the functionality and the team at 121 showed us how easy it would be with Magento. Our new site is fast, looks great, has a powerful search, and super easy for our clients to use. Plus, the backend is much easier for us to manage. Thanks 121!”

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What’s Included With My Automotive eCommerce Website?

Drag-and-Drop Page Editor

Easily create and edit content with this powerful, yet easy-to-use content creation tool.

SEO Friendly Platform

Your website will be built on a platform that is designed to perform well in Google searches.


Give customers peace of mind with PCI compliant procedures and safeguards that exceed industry standards.


Managed cloud platform engineered to support your website with near-instant asset caching, server-side scripting, and auto-scaling.


Content Delivery Network stores & serves images & other assets from servers distributed around the world to speed up page load times.


Our automated systems will backup your website daily and archive those backups for 30 days.

Optimized Cart and Checkout for Conversion

A streamlined cart and one-page checkout can speed up checkout time which can increase your conversion rate.

B2B Suite*

Enjoy a robust set of features and functionality for your B2B customers, including complex pricing structures to ensure your jobber, wholesaler, or MAP pricing rules can be put in place with ease.

Responsive Design

Visitors to your site will receive a seamless experience, regardless of device or browser.

Live Search*

Serve up results in real-time with AI-powered search that takes into account synonyms, typos, and related products.

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